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Bikers Helping Bikers

Published on July 8, 2022 under Motorcycle News
Bikers Helping Bikers

James Irwin helps get you on the road to retirement

I’d like to share with you a story that I heard from Chris and Tracy, a couple my wife and I are close friends with. Once upon a time, they decided to fly to California to rent a Harley and take in the scenery of California, Nevada, and Arizona. At first, the trip went very well. The scenery was breathtaking, and the highway breeze was just perfect to keep them cool as they rode through the desert.

As the morning stretched into the afternoon, Chris’ heart dropped as he noticed the fuel gauge dipping into the empty zone. Then he saw a road sign saying lodging and fuel 100 miles ahead. He decided to pull over and tell his wife on the deserted highway. Suddenly, the mood of the trip changed. Chris and Tracy became irritable, and panic stricken. They started driving slower to save fuel, which intensified the heat adding to the stress of the ride. The scenery no longer mattered. They both fixated on the fuel gauge. They knew they were gonna run out of gas. They just didn’t know when.

This story is a great metaphor for how some people live through retirement. They spend all their quality time worrying how to make their money last. They know it’s only a matter of time that taxes and inflation will eat up their savings. So, the end result is that they live like hermits trapped in their home, getting old. Folks, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be that way. There are simple, painless solutions.

Ever use a GPS to get to the destination you want to get to? They are wonderful to use and take away the stress of having to think about where you need to turn, etc. We have the technology now to create a custom retirement / Wealth creation GPS for you. We are on a mission nationally to get people out of debt, to build wealth and become financially independent. Before I talk about that, let tell you how the Chris and Tracy story ends.

Well, sure enough, they ran out of gas and the powerful Harley gave out it last potato-potato-potato signature sound. As they got off the bike, looking at each other with sad helpless eyes, they saw something in the distance. Their view of the road behind them looked like a mirage. Chris said he felt like a thirsty man in the desert, hallucinating about seeing water in the distance. But sure enough, a vehicle was heading their way. It was pickup truck with a motorcycle in the truck bed. The couple driving the truck were named Ron and JD. They of course stopped, and asked how they could help.

After siphoning some gas for them, they agreed to follow the couple to next gas station. Bikers helping bikers, folks. What a great community to be a part of. As you know, bikers are a very charitable people, giving back to the community in many meaningful ways. I’m a fellow biker as well and that is why, with the help of many generous people, we are going to offer bi-monthly money school webinars, absolutely free to Born To Ride readers. And no, these are not the typical boring classes just can’t wait to be over or skip. These are 20-minute sessions that will give the information you need to know and have but have probably never heard about. They are visual webinars on your computer, tablet or you can just dial in and listen from a phone.

A sampling of some of the topics to be discussed includ : 1.) ”Social Security basics” how to maximize your benefits; 2.) “Don’t worry, retire happy” smart tips and important steps to retirement planning; 3.) “Tax-free retirement “going from tax deferred to tax free with or without an IRA; 4.) “Legacy planning” wills, trust, estate planning and caring for the ones you love; 5.) “Do’s and Don’ts for baby boomers” deep dives into Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, long term care or shall we say, retirement insurance; 6.) “Your mortgage” make it an asset, not a liability; 7.) “Mission one million” the book, the movement, and how you can become a part of it.

Myself and other financial experts have watched too many people’s lives crash because they were not financially prepared. In upcoming issues I will be sharing insight on these pages on how to never run out of financial fuel and create your own GPS for financial freedom. Go to my website now or call 833-467-2865 and get your Mission One Million book now. The book is for anyone wanting to get out of debt, build wealth, and create financial independence. The book retails for $24.95 but I bought it for you. Bikers helping bikers, that’s what it’s all about.
–James Irwin