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– Most dominant and powerful media for reaching customers
– Perceived as the most authoritative, influential, exciting, and believable form of advertising
– Targets your audience and provides greater reach and frequency
– Television remains the single most important source of information and entertainment for billions of people around the world
– Adults spend significantly more time with television than with other media, in every major demographic segment
– The average person watches 4 hours 35 minutes of television each day (Source: Nielsen NSI – Aug. 2008. Nielsen Media Research)

“Television remains the single most important source of information and entertainment for billions of people around the world.” – Google
– Television reaches 90%
– Newspapers 63%
– Magazine 51%
– Internet 60%


– Ratings for Sunday April 20, 2008
– Adults 35-64: 20,000 viewers
– Men 25-54: 18,000 viewers
– Households a 0.5 rating: 10,000 households

– MY TV Tampa Bay

– November 25, 1999 Born To Ride hit a new high it peaked at a 1.6 rating. This beat Cheers, Home Improvement, Ricki Lake, and the Movie on WB 38, WTOG, the same day.

– Born To Ride TV has continued its success on WTOG. Over the past several weeks BTR has demonstrated its strength in the market by growing and maintaining an impressive 1.5 rating. On January 1, Born To Ride TV did a 1.3 rating and on January 22, Born To Ride TV was up to a 1.5 rating. A 1.5 rating equates to approximately 57,450 viewers. Born To Ride continues to out perform syndicated programming on WMOR 32, and WTTA.

– UPN 44, WTOG


– The Longest running biker tv show in the world
– In over 3 million homes, 20 counties
– Cable and non-cable (3 times a week)



– Watch The Best of Born To Ride TV 3 times a week!
Monday 9-10pm
Tuesday 9-10pm
Friday 9-10pm

News, videos, BTR TV, online magazines. biker babes, social clubs, events, thousands of photos, and more keep bikers connected to the motorcycle world.


From blue collar to white collar, women make up more than a 1/3 of the motorcycle market and our demographic hits this ideal market with lasting impact!
(Over 20,000 females watched Born To Ride Sunday night 3/9 with a 0.5 in every female demographic)

Born To Ride Magazine is the most popular magazine in the state. It’s a free publication distributed through dealerships and biker friendly establishments. Celebrating 100 issues, it’s a proven track record and a name you can trust!

We have engaged in the diversity of the technology universe to bring you a more powerful media – scan the QR codes on the content pages and watch the print come to life!



– Grassroots marketing with events promotions is Born To Ride’s forté. Born To Rid is instrumental in bringing thousands of bikers and their machines together every month using their events promotion arm. These events have made significant positive impacts to communities, charities and businesses. The even promotions and their themes are influential in bringing awareness to motorcycle dealerships, motorcycle affiliated businesses, and bringing new audiences to new products.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email blasts, a monthly newsletter and more play a major role in keeping bikers connected with layers of mulit-power media.



I had the pleasure of working with Ron Galletti as he is a Co-Producer/Creative Producer on our feature film Nation’s Fire. Ron Galletti is a creative powerhouse as well as a consummate professional. He brings to life what visionaries dream of. Bringing a movie to our beloved motorcycle community has been a long time dream of Ron and I. When we met with Writer/Director Thomas Churchill, we knew it was time to fulfill that dream. Ron has been a partner on Nations Fire from conception to fruition. Not only did he make us envision beautiful moments and ideas in this movie, his marketing plans, ideas and strategies are so unique and long term goal oriented. He gets the big picture and when your creating a big, costly picture to remain on screen in homes forever, that kind of unique creativity is an indispensable asset. Ron and Born to Ride make magical things happen, the hundreds of Florida bikers that showed up for the big unity run in the movie literally brought tears to my eyes. Thats what its all about, that unity in riders, that support, that loyalty. Ron brings an old school flair, the ruggedness audiences can relate to, while networking and growing relationships. Ron is efficient while looking out for number one, and that is getting the job done for fans to enjoy for decades to come. Thank you Ron and Born to Ride for being family, for building the brand, for diving into the world and breathing the life into Nations Fire!

Much Love,
Krista Grotte
Executive Producer/Gloria Nation
Nation’s Fire

September 2 – 2015

Isn’t  it time you advertise with Born To Ride?

“Of all the many Motorcycle Magazines that we advertise in, Born To Ride gives us the best return on our monthly investment. On top of that, the Galletti’s are a pleasure to work with. I give them 2 thumbs up.”

– Steve West, CEO, Hammerhead Engineering/Love Jugs



Feb 3 – 2015


Congrats on the great ratings Sunday! You we the second highest rated show! Great work buddy!

– Brent McClelland
Account Executive
WTTA  Great38


“Since working with Born To Ride we have gone from a very small bike night to a very large one. The best dollars I’ve spent on advertising is with Ron Galletti and Born To Ride”

– Bill Church, Owner of Quaker Steak & Lube
“Ron and staff, what can I say further about the FEZtastic outcome of today’s toy run? It’s success is directly attributed to the support you have given Shriners Hospitals’ for children charity by promoting the event in your magazine and dedicated last week’s show toward showing our motorcycle community what goes on within the walls of our Tampa facility.”

– Wayne M. Witczak – Shrine

– Screwie Louie – Owner – Porpoise Pub
“Born To Ride is a Visionary company that constantly reinvents itself to capitalize on opportunities in the market! Born To Ride ranks among as one of the elite sponsored properties of the Budweiser brand. Their efforts at retail distance them from everyone else. They are not just simply a media partner; they are a full fledge kick-ass marketing arm for the King of Beers!”

– Tommy Weatherholt – Gold Coast Distributing
“Since working with Ron and Born To Ride magazine my V-Twin business has tripled! I’m not just buying an ad with Born To Ride. I’m getting a relationship that’s real and working!”

– Anthony Bevilacqua – Owner – Pride Cycles Valrico

– David Taylor – Owner – Shenaniganz Grill
“The greatest turn out I couldn’t be happier! Born To Ride is the greatest! As you can see today it is absolute mayhem, a great time! It’s beyond my expectations, a record day. Born To Ride really works.”

– Kirk Iannore – Owner – Grass Flats
“I want to thank everyone that helped make our Giveaway such an extremely successful event, especially Ron and Debbie Galletti and the staff with Born To Ridemagazine and TV for doing such an outstanding job promoting the giveaway.”

– Attorney Fran Haasch – Palm Harbor

– Rev. Jim – Owner – Preacher’s Hot Rod Cycle Design
“Just finished watching last night’s episode, WOW! I am totally impressed what a wonderful episode. Thank you so very much for everything. I believe that everyone in the industry will now know that S&S is here to stay. We were all working so hard that we did not realize the amount of people that came. It was a great event and the Born To Ride crew made it a great success. If anyone missed this event they will definitely make it next year after watching this episode. I have only one request Bill and Susan missed it and would love a DVD copy, they are headed out on Friday to visit some friends and would love to take it with them. Can we make that happen? Thanks again for everything. I am always here if you need me for anything.”

– James St. John – S&S Kustoms

– Robert “Bob” Poneleit – Hap’s Cycle Sales
Thunder By The Bay is a huge, annual Florida biker event that Born To Ride is proud to support. Lucy Nicandri of the Florida Center said, “The added exposure Born To Ride gave to this year’s Festival, both in print and on television, was over the top and resulted in a 30% increase in attendance. With the event promoted on the cover of the magazine resulted in an increase in phone calls prior to the Festival and a significant increase in attendance figures. This also enabled many of this year’s builders and special guests to learn more about the Festival prior to arriving in Sarasota for the Festival and how the money raised impacts so many children and their families.”

– Lucy Nicandri – FL Center

– Doug Doty – Owner – High Octane Saloon
“Ron & Staff, I just want to say thank you for all you have done to help me build my business here. The Advertising you have done for me is certainly made an impact on my business. I believe that I had somewhere around 2,000 people for the Mardi Party, thanks to you and Budweiser’s help with the ad. Thanks again, wish you could’ve been here, but thanks for sending mike.”

– Charlotte – Owner – Charlotte’s Web
“Born To Ride delivers on everything they promise. The ads, the promotions we’ve done are all worth the money and well spent. Their events are always first-class and well run.”

– Bill Carmen – Great Bay Distributors

– Mike Tolley & Don Mitchell – Owners – Cowboys Steakhouse & Saloon
“I only have to look at the way it flies off the racks to see how popular it’s become. If the racks are empty, people will ask us if we have more copies,’ it’s grown into being the most important type of magazine for the area motorcyclists.”

– Dick Pritchard – Fletchers Harley-Davidson
“We’ve spent a lot of money on advertising over the last 18 months but Born To Ride is the single best advertising we’ve done.”

– Matt Brown – Owner, The Online Outpost of Tampa

– Minh – Venom Bar & Grill
Make your advertising dollars work harder for you! We have a proven track record and a name you can trust. We are Florida’s premier motorcycle TV show, and magazine dedicated to you … the biker community! The industry leader any way you look at it, is Born To Ride!

Are you an influential thinker? Expand your media offerings, make tried and true, different and new with Born To Ride multimedia. Opportunities are all around you; make sure the right ones don’t pass you by. We can plug you into a direct market of consumers.

Born To Ride has vision, insight, focus, and identifiable difference. We help make buying decisions and return your investment to an ideal audience with maximum impact.

Born To Ride features compelling content, plus pass along superior value. The medium of choice for premium advertisers is Born To Ride.



The sophisticated motorcyclist reads Born To Ride. There are new more than one million registered street motorcycles in the United States; 1.63 million were sold in 2005 – 2006 alone.
From blue-collar to white-collar workers people are riding motorcycles. Women make up more than 1/3 of the market; women riders are the fastest growing consumer segment of the industry.
The motorcycle industry generates over 25 billion dollars annually, machines, accessories, apparel, travel, and financial service.
Born To Ride Multimedia

  • Take the high road to quality and commitment
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Build awareness of your business
  • Maximize your visibility and increase traffic and profits
  • Make your advertising dollars work harder for you

Born To Ride has a proven track record and a name you can trust. Born To Ride is Florida’s premier motorcycle TV show, free motorcycle magazine, and motorcycle web site. Let us dedicate our multi-media services to assist with your business growth.



  • Born To Ride TV Show
  • Born To Ride magazine
  • Online Born To Ride LifeStyle
  • Born To Ride web site
  • Born To Ride events and promotions
  • Creative layout and design
  • Market memorable content
  • Born To Ride promotional Van
  • Born To Ride Media Design Shop
  • Born To Ride Agency can buy media and place it on TV for you as well as produce your commercial.
  • Web shorts for your web site can tell your story to customers



Born To Ride LifeStyle magazine speaks to the magic of seeing editorial vision in scope. No matter how intriguing it is to the readers it’s for everyone with eyes. During these tough economic times it’s more important than ever to clearly and effectively communicate your brand image. Let Born To Ride help you set up a strategic plan to drive web traffic to your site; and generate sales revenue for your business.


Born To Ride

MAY 1, 2009

With more than 30 years of experience in the print media arena, I can confess that 2009 has been a bit of a shocking year, to say the least. Rates for print media have fallen to their lowest levels in 15 years. I am buying opportunistic remnant buys at cost-per-thousand (CPM) that range from $1.25 to $8.00 for publications that would have never offered this in the past.

What does all of this add up to? A buying opportunity for anyone smart enough to get into the print media world. A number of clients have been bitten by the print media bug. They are reaping incredible returns-on-investment, with some reaching media efficiency ratios (MER) of 5.5 and better.

As we are all aware, the stock market and banks are not the places to invest your money right now. If you believe in your product, create a print ad and test the waters. Now is the time to dive in and see your profits grow. Print can give you better ROI when you consider all the alternatives.

The DRTV industry has always felt that print ads do not pay out. On the contrary, during the economic crisis, print media is the cheapest way to invest money into your product or service, with as little as $3,000-5,000 enough to test a newly developed print campaign.

Remember one thing: you can always use another revenue stream, and print is a stream that keeps on flowing. Even after your short-form campaign or infomercial is off the air, your print ad will keep on returning responses for weeks and months to come.


Here are nine reasons (courtesy of Magazine Publishers Association studies from 2007 and 2008) to give it a shot.

1. Magazine advertising engages. Multiple studies show that consumers are more likely to find magazine advertising acceptable and enjoyable compared to advertising in other media. In addition, they find magazine advertising less interruptive.

2. Magazine advertising moves readers to action, including visiting and searching the Web. More than half of readers took action or had a more favorable opinion about the advertiser in response to magazine ads, according to Affinity Research. Numerous studies prove that magazine ads drive Web visits and searches more than other media.

3. Magazine advertising improves ROI: Studies have demonstrated that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ROI across a range of product categories.

4. Magazine advertising sells and it delivers results consistently. Several studies show that magazines are the strongest driver of purchase intent and boost other media’s effectiveness. What’s more, magazines deliver results more consistently throughout the purchase funnel than TV or the Internet.

5. Magazine advertising is relevant and targeted. Consumers consider magazine advertising more relevant than advertising in other media. With a range of titles that appeal to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles and interests, advertisers can hone in on targets that fit their needs.

6. Magazines reach the most desirable consumers. Across major demographic groups, the combination of the top 25 magazines delivers more rating points than the top 25 TV shows. In addition, heavy magazine readers are likely to be among the highest spenders across most product categories.

7. Magazine audiences accumulate faster than you think – and with lasting impact. The average monthly magazine accumulates approximately 60 percent of its audience within a month’s time, and the average weekly magazine accumulates nearly 80 percent of its audience in two weeks. In addition, consumers refer to magazine multiple times, even saving them, giving advertisers the opportunity for multiple exposures.

8. Magazines influence the influential. Magazines are the medium that “influential Americans,” the one-in-nine consumers who control the levers of change, turn to the most for making purchase decisions and recommendations.

9. Magazines supply credibility. Consumers trust and believe magazine advertising more than advertising in other media. In addition, consumers turn to magazines as a source for new product information.

Marianna Morello is president and CEO of New York-based Manhattan Media Services Inc.

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