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Published on July 8, 2022 under Blog

Here we go for July. Of course the big celebration in July is, of course, the 4th.
On July 4th,1776 the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, which had been written largely by Thomas Jefferson. Though the vote for actual independence took place on July 2nd, 1776. July 4th became the day that was celebrated as the birth of American independence. In plain English, it’s America’s Formal Birthday as a country.

So how is our 246-year -old country doing? Well, that’s subjective I suppose. I would say that can be stated for the condition of our entire planet. Hard to tell if this is a wake-up call or a permanent downward spiral towards anarchy.

I can say a ton of things on this position, but I’m considered to be a hater enough. The 4th of July for me is probably one of the most important holidays this country has. If I may say, probably important to the whole planet. Some will disagree, and that’s fine, but I’ll explain this. The birth of this nation was created by a people being oppressed and unfairly treated by an entity much stronger, better equipped and let’s face it, brutal. At the time, this tiny colony had decided they had had enough and decided to make a stand. That they would no longer be forced to pay excessive taxes, be under compensated for hard labor, to basically be used to enrich others’ lives while they struggled.

There’s more to this but I’m just going to get to my point. The little guy, the working man, stood up for what he believed in to the point that they were willing to risk it all. It was literally and all or nothing gamble. This is what I admire about those Americans. Why should the world recognize and celebrate with us? We showed the world how to stand your ground and fight for what’s right and what you believe in regardless of the cost. A quality that’s, unfortunately, been lost.

In the past, we lead the world in a direction that was right and when we spoke, we put our money where our mouths were. Now, in many places, when we speak, others laugh. We don’t keep our word. We don’t respect others, nor do we properly take care of our own. We feed other countries and supply them with basic needs while our own people struggle and suffer. Why is this? Part of this is because you, the American, don’t have anything your government needs other than your money.

Other countries trade off things like oil, gas, real estate, lithium and other minerals, to name a few. Incredibly, we are in a time when the government says we have a population problem yet can’t find people to work. That makes no sense to me. The having your hand out has been a norm instead of the exception.

Unfortunately, it seems that being American has changed. Being it used to be AmeriCAN and has changed to AmeriCAN’T. Meaning we can’t get our people to go out and work, can’t afford gas, can’t grow food, can’t afford to transport our goods such as food, can’t afford to live indoors, can’t afford the taxes we are charged and why? NO DAMN GOOD REASON!

But we can afford to ship billions of dollars and equipment to other countries who refuse to reciprocate. Why don’t we start collecting on the foreign debts owed to us? Did Kuwait ever reimburse us the money owed for the gulf war? Not that I’ve heard. And the list goes on. We seem to have one-way pockets in the wrong direction. Money goes out to other foreign countries but never is returned. That only applies to “non-America.” It’s a crying shame we are letting our country piss on every veteran that died, fought or served this country of ours. Yet we open our borders and wallets to those that lower the standards of this great nation.

Time to step up and be heard. I’m doing my part right now. What are you doing? Is your hand out or is it balled in a fist, tired of this crap and ready to stand up? Actions are louder than words, people. That’s my ten cents (Until they tax me on it.).

–Nefarious James

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