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Published on July 12, 2021 under CMA

There is nothing quite like getting in the saddle and taking the time to get some wind therapy. People ask me how I can stand being on a hot motorcycle in the summer, while wearing a leather vest with my jeans and boots. When it is cool out I am questioned about tolerating the chilly air that flows through my helmet and stiffens my cold hands. Frankly, the discomforts are simply not significant!

I can’t be as crazy as they think because, many times when I am riding, I am a part of a group. Going to the next ice cream shop, yes, even in the winter, is more about the fellowship and camaraderie. Shoot, you can always chase the ice cream down with a steamy cup of hot chocolate; it will make your toes tingle!

I love riding solo. It is just a time to reflect and become one with the bike and the road. As much joy as it is to get alone, there is a peace that comes from being a part of a group. First off, when you are in a group, you and your fellow riders are much more noticeable to the cagers, keeping you safer during the ride.

Secondly, there is that aforementioned fellowship which is priceless. That fellowship has been limited in these last months, due to the virus. You may not realize how much the camaraderie means to you until you are unable to be with those important to you.

Finally, organized rides have a Road Captain, an experienced rider who knows the back roads, the ice cream shops, and most importantly, the rules of the road for safe riding. When a group has a good ride leader they are confident that they will enjoy a better and safer ride. That leader, if they are a good one, will have studied the maps, made a cheat sheet of turns (including U Turns), and if possible, will go out and run the ride in advance.

I once planned a ride by studying the maps, but was not able to run the trip before the actual event. I took a last look at the route, but this time using the satellite view. Surprise, one of the roads was several miles of lime rock. I made some changes and got rid of that potential problem. That’s how the leader can take care of and prevent dangerous or frustrating challenges.

As there are leaders that can watch over a group, and keep those on motorcycles safe, there is a leader that watches over our entire lives, and is always there. The Bible says, in Joshua 1:15, “Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Isn’t that a cool promise, that He is always there, everywhere we go? He is our provider and protector; there is no need to worry because He has our backs!

In the Wind, Denny Dingler