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The Spirit of the Ride – Women’s World

Published on September 28, 2014 under Motorcycle News


Yes. To some this would be called a mid-life crisis. I was approaching 50 and wanted to experience life. I had been told all my life that motorcycles were dangerous. So I now had this uncontrollable urge to try it. I wanted to at least be taken as a passenger. Getting on a bike as a passenger had me feeling terrified and excited simultaneously, forming the most arousing adventurous desires I had ever felt before.

An attorney feeling out of control and trusting others, especially with my life, was just unheard of. Had anyone told me I would be riding motorcycles before, I would have thought they had lost their minds. However, riding hugely changed this controlling and untrusting thinking. I was fortunate to have met some great riders who invited me and allowed me to ride as a passenger. Once I rode, I knew had I found something I was going to do for a very long time. I wanted to ride every opportunity I could get.

When I became a passenger on a bike it was a transformation and it was the beginning of a whole new life for me. Trusting the driver with my life, feeling helplessly out of control, whilst at the same time feeling in control of the road, gave me a whole new world of adventure and excitement. Riding made me feel empowered, able to conquer anything I wanted. The more I rode, the stronger and more confidence it gave me It was about living passionately and fully, my way.

The world of biking is a world all of its own. It embraces people from all walks of life. Bikers understand bikers and they look after each other. While riding, they all greet each other as they pass by. In general, there is no classifying and judging each other. One biker could be poor and be a high school drop-out while the other is a wealthy businessperson. It makes no difference when riding. You simply become a welcomed rider.

After a few rides as a passenger, my itch to learn how to ride became more and more intense with each and every ride. I had never had control of a bike and did not have a clue how to ride one on my own. I couldn’t resist the urge to learn and surrendered to taking the classes for my endorsement.

My decision to ride and to get my endorsement was met with much resistance from practically everyone I knew. I was discouraged by almost everyone. Some people even laughed at me saying that I was just going through a mid-life crises and it will pass if I give it time. Others tried to make me feel stupid and absurd for even considering riding a motorcycle. Some ridiculed me questioning my ability to ever learn and be able to handle a bike.

Yes I admit that my ego was hurt and some doubts started to set in but I knew better then to listen to any naysayers. Some naysayers are just people too weak to follow their own dreams and they look for ways to discourage those that take action. These naysayers fear that your success becomes a threat to their failure when you prove that something can be done. Remember the saying misery loves company.

Other naysayers are weak and fearful and they want the best for you but they let fear control their life and rob them from truly living. We all have everything we need to succeed within us and with that mindset I knew there was no reason for me to be unable to learn to ride. I was ready!

Big exciting surprise as I had no clue what I was in for. The moment I sat on a bike that I had full control of and I hit that throttle my heart was forever a biker’s heart. There was no turning back! I was passionately in love forever with this powerful machinery called a motorcycle. What an intense, heart throbbing experience. The power, the control and the freedom is like nothing you can compare. Wrapping your legs around this powerful machine and controlling its every move is indescribable. To understand you have to just do it.

One of the funniest things I realized when I started riding was the expression I saw women on bikes get from others. If you want attention, riding a bike will surely get you that. In the past people only knew me as a business suited professional lawyer, not as a biker. When they find out I ride motorcycles I just love watching their expressions of pure shock. They typically ask me twice to make sure they heard correctly. I say ‘yes’! At 5’ 1.5” I can be professional and serious, and still be free as a biker in a biker’s world. In life you should be and do all you want; never put yourself in a box.

Experiencing the power, speed, breeze on your face and the freedom of the road is a phenomenal and mind-blowing experience, and yes the rush of the danger too.

Remember, it is utterly important that you learn to ride properly. Get a mentor and that’s a must. Mentors can teach you all the extras that you need to know and won’t learn in your endorsement class. Don’t be foolish and try to get out and start riding on your own. Practice, practice and practice before you venture out. In the meantime keep riding as a passenger if you must and observe what experienced riders do. Be patient and soon you will be an incredible rider on your own. Never ever doubt yourself and never listen to naysayers. Enjoy life and live passionately. Put passion and enthusiasm in all you do.

Hayley B Colina, Esq

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