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1. Remove the chrome acorn nut from the Harley horn mounting bracket. Disconnect the horn wires and put the horn assembly aside for now.

2. Remove the Harley rubber damper from your horn mount bracket. On some bikes this is not very easy to do because Locktite was applied at the factory. A chisel hit with a hammer on the inside steel plate of the rubber damper in a counter clockwise direction helps to get the damper to turn enough to grab it with a large vise grip, channel locks, etc. Heat also loosens the Locktite bond. Don’t worry if you have to destroy the damper trying to get it off because you will not have to re-use it.

3. With the Love Jugs chrome nameplate bracket facing you, Install a lockwasher on one of the 5/16” X 1’ long bolts and insert the bolt from the front, through the center hole.

Now, screw one of the . thick rubber washers on the back side of the bolt. NOTE: On some model bikes the vibration to the Love Jugs cluster is reduced when this rubber washer (Part #5) is not installed. Try it both ways on your particular bike. It takes less than a minute to remove the rubber washer (Part #5) and re-install your Love Jugs without the rubber washer.

Note: On some bikes this 1/4” thick rubber washer is not required nor desired. To determine the best results for achieving the least vibration of your Love Jugs and horn assembly on your particular bike, install the Vibration Master with and without this rubber washer. A couple of minutes of observation with the bike running with part #5 installed then removed, will determine if you will use the rubber washer or not. (You should see a difference especially at idle) Taking this additional step will insure you the best possible Love Jug’s installation, for a lifetime of use. The second 1/4” rubber washer on the front of the unit must always be used.

4. Insert the two rubber isolation dampers from the front of the name plate, through the remaining holes on the name plate, On each stud in the back of the bracket, install a 5/16” lock washer and a 5/16” nut to each of the studs. Tighten the nuts securely.

5. Bolt the name plate to the Harley horn bracket making sure it is straight.

6. Assembly of the Love Jugs, horn and horn cover, and the Harley chrome mounting bracket. (Three pieces) assembly on a table on top of a towel is recommended. Remove the two 1/4” bolts that fasten the horn to the chrome bracket, you will not re-use these bolts.

7. Sandwich the love jugs main frame in between the Harley chrome horn bracket, and the horn cover. Bolt all three pieces together using the new 1/4” X 5/8” bolts, flat washers, and lock washers that are supplied. Leave the bolts finger tight until you look at the front of the assembled unit and check for equal spacing of the horn between the Fan enclosures. Also check that the chrome horn mounting bracket is pointing straight up. When you are pleased with the alignment of the three parts, tighten the two 1/4 inch bolts securely. Do not over tighten, the clip can strip by applying excessive force. Set this assembly aside for now.

8. Place the supplied 3 hole flat bracket, inside the Stainless Steel cover, making sure the holes are lined up with the center hole being on the bottom of the cover. (The notch in the cover is the top.) Now, screw the remaining .” thick rubber washer on the front of the cover, onto the protruding 5/16” X 1” bolt.

9. Mount the previously completed Love Jugs assembly that you put aside (Step 7.) to the the protruding 5/16” X 1” bolt. Install a chrome lock washer and one of the new acorn nuts. Securely tighten the acorn nut making sure everything is straight.

10. Install the completed assembly to the remaining studs from the rubber dampers, using the two remaining supplied chrome lock washers and chrome acorn nuts.

11. Using the existing Harley wire clamp for the horn wires, insert both the horn wire harness and the “Love Jugs” wire harness into the same holding clamp. Reconnect the horn wires.

12. Run the Love Jugs wire harness to the desired route to end up under your seat, securing the harness with the included wire ties. Make sure the wire harness is not touching the engine or too close to the engine that could cause melting or short circuit the wires. If you are hooking the power source to the battery, use the 15 Amp inline fuse and electrical terminals provided. Also make sure the harness will not be crushed when you re- install the seat.

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