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The Great American Motorcycle Show

Published on January 25, 2020
The Great American Motorcycle Show
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Date(s) - 01/25/2020 - 01/26/2020
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Cobb Galleria Centre


January 25 – January 26

Atlanta, GA The Great American Motorcycle Show Cobb Galleria Centre. See & compare the 2020 cycles, plus parts, accessories, and everything you need to get on the open road.

You have a chance to meet the Hottest Bike Builder that everyone is talking about. His Creations are a WOW Factor X10!
The Great American Motorcycle Show is the place in Atlanta, GA January 25 & 26 and you will see the Creations of this new Master Builder!

Kory Souza Originals has a unique style that is ahead of the times and recognizable by people who follow the industry. After spending 8 years in the motorcycle business under a great mentor and bike-building legend, Kory stepped out on his own in 2010. Landing on the pages of dozens of motorcycle magazines and websites, Kory Souza Originals hit the ground running – catching the eyes of people internationally and sparking the interest of some major players in the game. Kory’s passion for motorcycles and cars shines through in each project. Every build displays Kory’s one off style, known to his friends and customers as “krispiness”. Clean lines and minimalism are evident from top to bottom of every custom build. Designing, building and maintaining beautiful custom machines is more than just work to Kory – it is what his life revolves around – and the best part of what he does, Kory will tell you, is not the money or the notoriety, it is the look on the face of his customers when he presents them with their very own Kory Souza Original: a look that says “wow”, “thank you” and “I can’t wait to show this off” all at the same time.

Kory Souza Originals now offers the KSO Instant Up Kit – an add on kit that you install on your motorcycle. This the guy that will create something for you beyond your Dreams and you will have an opportunity to consult your vision, Kick some tires or just ask some questions of what’s hot in the Big Wheel Bagger Market and beyond.

Give your car or bike the attention to detail it deserves! Please email Kory to setup a personal consultation while he is in
Atlanta. Email: or Call: 508-294-0760,