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Mighty Mite Installation Instructions

Please read the entire instructions before you begin
STEP 1. Remove the seat so you have access to the battery and/or accessory plug.

STEP 2. Remove the chrome acorn nut that holds the horn to the horn mounting bracket. Unplug the two wires to the horn, spread the wire holder a bit to allow removal of the horn assembly.

STEP 3. Remove and discard the two bolts that hold the horn/cover to the chrome mounting bracket. Do not discard the horn wire holder clip, it will be re-used . Nestle the supplied Stainless Steel strengthener bracket behind the chrome Harley horn bracket. Using the two new 1/4” X 3/4” bolts and the two aluminum spacers provided. On the top bolt, insert the bolt through the wire clip first, then insert the bolt through the strengthener bracket, then through the chrome Harley horn bracket, then through the aluminum spacers, then screw the bolt into the clips on the horn bracket. The bottom parts sandwich sequence is the same as the top bolt, less the wire clip.

STEP 4. Remove and discard the Harley vibration damper from the horn mount bracket. This can be quite challenging on some bikes due to the red Locktite and corrosion of the threads on older bikes. Heating the bracket from the rear using a heat gun/hair dryer, or mini torch, will soften the Locktite. Warning! If you use a mini torch with an open flame, the gas tank will need to be removed to avoid any chance of explosion.

STEP 5. After heating, using a large vice grip or channel lock pliers, place the jaws as close to the bracket as possible to insure contact with the steel plate just below the rubber. Do not place jaws in the center of the vibration damper because you will be twisting just the rubber. Squeeze the jaws as hard as possible and twist the tool counter clockwise. On some really stubborn situations, use a chisel to make a substantial horizontal notch at the two o clock position. Now place the chisel in the notch and hit it upwards with a substantial hammer. Make sure that the threads are still hot during the removal process.

STEP 6. Screw in the new thicker and stronger Vibration Damper, supplied in your Mighty Might box.
Important. Do not place the jaws in the center of the vibration damper when tightening, Part failure could result. Using both hands, tighten the new Vibration Damper as much as possible. Place the tool’s jaws as close to the bracket as possible, and tighten a bit more, in a clockwise direction. Screw the supplied 5/16” nut on the exposed threads of the rear portion of the stud. There is no need to over tighten the damper because the 5/16” locking nut, will securely fasten the vibration damper to the bracket.

STEP 7. Place the Love Jugs Logo spacer plate onto the front stud of the Vibration Damper. Next, place the previously assembled horn assembly onto the stud. Place the Mighty Mite frame onto the stud. Install the supplied flat SS washer and acorn nut and snug the nut so that the unit is horizontally straight. IMPORTANT. Before tightening the acorn nut to it’s final torque, check for ample clearance from the rear of the fan housings, to the engine fins to insure proper distance of 3/4” to 1 1/4”. If additional clearance is required, a slight bending of the Harley horn bracket is a quick and easy solution to increase the clearance. Remove the acorn nut and lay the unit on a towel so no further disassembly is required. Remove the Vibration Damper. Using two adjustable wrenches on each side of the center threaded hub, bend the bracket slightly by pulling upwards on the wrenches. Re-install the unit and measure the clearance. A slight downward angle will be the result of adjusting the bend, that;s not a bad thing.

STEP 8. Note. If after tightening, the right side may end up being higher than the left side. If that happens, loosen the nut, position the unit so the left side is higher than the right side. After tightening, the unit should be correctly positioned. It may take several tries to get it exactly where you want it. Do not over tighten the acorn nut, damage to the Vibration Damper may occur. Re install the two horn wires and secure the Mighty Mite’s harness in the clip along with the horn wires.

STEP 9. Warning. Before proceeding further, check that the Mighty Mite’s harness is not in contact with the engine. Several Zip ties may be required to keep the wire harness in a location that keeps it as far as away from the engine as possible.

STEP 10, Wiring. Position and zip tie the harness up towards the frame and run towards the battery compartment, If your Harley is equipped with an accessory switch, locate the four pin Deutch plug, and plug the Mighty Mite’s plug into the Harley plug. All parts are included if a direct battery hook up is desired.

Replace the seat, and enjoy your new cool ride!

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