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Love Jugs Installation options

The most important detail for maximum performance and longevity of your Love Jugs is how you install them on your bike. Currently, there are four installation options. They are listed in order of desirability, with option # 4 being the most desirable

1. STANDARD ENGINE MOUNT. Mount your Love Jugs to the engine via the Harley horn mounting bracket with the supplied thick vibration damper.

Pros .. Everything for a horn mount installation is included in our box. The average installation time is about half an hour.
Cons .. Your Your Love Jugs and horn assembly are mounted to your engine via the Harley horn mounting bracket. This will vibrate the most of the four available installation options.

2. VIBRATION MASTER (V-M). TThe Vibration Master is the most desirable option if your bike will not accept our Frame Mount Kit. The V-M is an attractive and Heavy Duty method of mounting your Love Jugs to your engine via the Harley horn mounting bracket. It’s a real work horse. Two heavy duty vibration dampers encased in a highly polished Stainless Steel enclosure, replace the stock Harley vibration damper. The V-M is guaranteed against any type of failure for 5 years.

Pros .. A very secure and attractive mounting method that is superior to mounting your Love Jugs directly to the Harley horn mounting bracket. The V-M positions your Love Jugs perfectly for maximum cooling effectiveness. Installation time is about 5 minutes. Will still look perfect 10 years from now due to the Stainless Steel construction of the Vibration Master.
Cons.. Love Jugs are mounted directly to the engine. As reported by our customers there is a significant reduction of vibration to the Love Jugs on most models, but it is not as effective on some bikes. Why is that? Many factors that are unique to each bike determine the vibration reduction effectiveness of the V-M such as, wear on tie rods and motor mounts, work done to engines, the many different engine types, type of frames, idling RPM’s etc all effect engine vibration.

3. FRAME MOUNT KIT (FMK). The FMK re-locates the Love Jugs and Harley horn assembly from the engine, and mounts it to your frame where the vibration is significantly less. The installation of the FMK along with the Love Jugs will take you about 1 hour to complete. This will undoubtedly be the best hour you will ever spend working on your Harley. The results will make you happy for years to come and your engine will be protected from all the bad and destructive consequences that happen from an overheated engine.

Pros.. Just about eliminates all the vibration transmitted to the Love Jugs. You, your bike, and your engine will run stronger and last longer. If your bike is a candidate for the FMK, by all means add it to your Love Jugs purchase, this is the most important option you can invest in. Guaranteed against any type of failure for 5 years.

Cons.. The Frame Mount Kit does not fit all Harley Models. Read HOW TO DETERMINE IF THE FRAME MOUNT KIT WILL WORK ON YOUR BIKE? to find out if your bike is FMK friendly.

4. COMBO MOUNTING. The ultimate Love jugs installation is a combination of the FMK (Frame Mount Kit) and the V-M (Vibration-Master). By combining the two installation products, you will experience the best performing and longest lasting cooling system that money can buy. Your rides are about to become so much more comfortable. Get ready to be amazed!

Pros.. Virtually vibration free environment for all Love Jugs Cooling Systems. Super secure installation.

Cons.. Does not fit all Harley Models.

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