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(For those who ordered without the Frame Installation Kit)
Remove the chrome acorn nut and washer on the chrome horn bracket.

Unscrew the Rubber Vibration Damper. Caution. Improper removal of the vibration damper can damage the bond between the two metal disc/stud.

plates and the rubber disc that’s bonded to them. Following these instructions carefully, is important to eliminate failure of this part in future. Wrap 4-5 layers of electrical or masking tape, around the rubber section of the vibration damper to prevent against marking. Use large round jaw channel lock pliers, or round jaw vice grips to unscrew it. The wider the jaws of the tool are, the better it is. Place the jaws snug to the surface of the bracket to insure that you are grabbing the metal disc and not just twisting the rubber disc.

Place the chrome “Love Jugs name plate spacer” against the mounting bracket and screw the rubber vibration damper back into the bracket.

Remove the two 1/4” bolts that fasten the horn to the bracket.

Remove the two horn wires if you need more room to assemble the three parts.

Sandwich the love jugs main frame between the chrome horn bracket and the horn cover.

Bolt all three pieces together. Leave the bolts finger tight until you look at the front of the assembled unit and check for equal spacing of the horn and both of the fan housings. Also check that the chrome horn mounting bracket is pointing straight up. When you are pleased with the alignment of the three parts, tighten the two 1⁄4 inch bolts.

Install the completed assembly back on to the horn bracket, and re-install the chrome washer and acorn nut. NOTE- Sometimes when you tighten the chrome nut, the completed unit springs back so the rear of the assembly is higher than the position you tightened it at. If that happens on your bike, loosen the chrome nut and simply start with the unit set high in the front and re-tighten so when spring back occurs, the final position is where you want it to be. NOTE- You can install the cooling fans with the lit switches in the top or bottom position. Caution…Do not over tighten the chrome nut. You can weaken the rubber to steel bond of the vibration damper by excessive tightening. Finger tighten the chrome nut then turn the nut an additional 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 turn with a wrench. Check after one hour of use to insure the nut is still tight.

If you disconnected the horn wires, reconnect them now. Using the existing wire clamp for the horn wires, insert both the horn wire harness and the “Love Jugs” wire harness into the same holding clamp.

Touring bikes with an accessory switch on the dash.

Remove the seat and find the accessory plug included with your bike. It will be located tucked down a couple of inches at the front of the battery. Remove the rubber plug.

Route the Love jugs harness up under the gas tank and secure the harness to existing wires with the included wire ties, or you can use the included self stick attachments, and run the plug to a position under the seat. Make sure the wire harness is not touching the engine or too close to the engine. Also make sure the harness will not be crushed when you re-install the seat.

Push the wiring plug from the “Love Jugs” harness into the plug you located from your accessory switch.

Turn on the ignition, then your accessory switch to make sure the fans start. Re-install the seat.

Wiring directly to the battery.

Cut off the plug from the “Love Jugs”. Connect the red wire to the positive (+) terminal of the battery using the in-line fuse and connectors provided.

WARNING-Do not connect the red/positive wire without installing the in-line fuse.

Connect the black wire to the negative (-) terminal of your battery. Turn on the switches on the “Love Jugs to test the fans. Re-install the seat.

Upon completion of installation be certain that no wires are touching the engine.

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