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The Clock is Ticking…

Published on June 17, 2022 under Blog
The Clock is Ticking…

I’m not gonna waste any time getting to the point. With the way things have been going with our country and the citizens of this country’s mentality, it’s extremely evident we have a problem. Again, our rights are under attack on multiple fronts, and we are allowing it to happen.

This past month we’ve had more horrific events taking place committed by our own people against our own people. Again, our Second Amendment rights are under attack. All of this due to the act of another mentally disturbed individual. Every time there’s a shooting with mass casualties, the anti-gun crowd comes out in force. Our media then broadcasts who the shooter was along with all the excuses that go with why he committed his heinous act.

My first question about this entire incident as well as ones that have occurred like it in the past is, why in the world would you want to give the gunman any notoriety whatsoever? If you want these acts to calm down or disappear, stop giving these animals their 15 minutes of fame. Leave the person committing the act anonymous and just call him or her exactly what they are; just another loser looking to get their 15 minutes of fame. Broadcast the victims, for they are the ones that had to pay the ticket for the special kind of animal’s desire to be remembered. Instead of a headline saying, “so-and-so committed a mass shooting at a school or mall or “wherever,” instead let the headlines read that another mentally disturbed individual has committed the act with never mentioning their name. Let them know their act may be put down in history, but not their name to give them any credit or satisfaction.

The anti-gun crowd wants everyone to think that guns are the problem. We had guns in the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s etc. and never had these types of incidents occur within our society. And if we did, they were extremely rare and very rarely heard of. Instead, the media now sensationalizes the acts of maniacs and losers. We don’t have a gun problem, society has a mental disorder problem. Recognize it for what it is. Maybe mommy and daddy didn’t give Junior enough attention. Maybe they’re not the most popular kid at school and get picked on. Well guess what? That’s been happening forever, yet it doesn’t cause us to go pick up a gun and do what these people are doing. This stems from psychological problems.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, children are brought up much differently than even 20 years ago. Parents are afraid to discipline their children for fear of being reported to DCS or they just don’t care. I understand people need to work to make ends meet and to be able to take care of their families. I get that. But they had to do that in the past as well, but somehow were able to manage.

Our society today has plenty of job opportunities available, but they tell us we have and employee/workers shortage. Last time I looked, our population in the United States has not decreased. There’s a difference between having a shortage of workers and having a shortage of those who are willing to work! The solution to fixing high prices is not to increase everyone’s salary but to lower the cost of goods and services. That’s great that a Walmart employee may be making $17 an hour, but what good is that going to do when everything else has increased even more so than those salaries. There is no sane rationale behind it. To say we have a shortage of food, fuel, affordable housing, etc. is nobody’s fault, but what we allow our government to get away with. After all, higher prices mean higher taxes collected. Higher salaries equal higher taxes. Higher housing costs equal higher taxes. And where do those taxes collected go? Like they always say, follow the money. If you’re sitting around waiting for that management position, then it’s no surprise that you’re not willing to work. There are so many programs now available that just give people money for no reason other than they want it, is ridiculous.

Wake up America. We’re losing it all, and a majority of people are just standing by watching it happen. Ben Franklin was quoted as saying, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Well spoken, if I do say so myself.

Yet, our government expects us to give up both our liberty and our security. For what? For the false promises of our government keeping us safe and free? Do you see that happening right now? I sure don’t. Step up people! Don’t vote based on red or blue or any other color or gender. Vote based on principles. Vote on policies that will protect our freedoms and liberties. Treat the underlying mental issues our society has created. Fix our country. Time is running out. If I went out to the parking lot and kicked over your motorcycle, I’ll bet you’d get pissed off enough to say something. Yet you’ll have your children’s futures taken away by the greed of others. Your loss, their gain. And you don’t say a damned word. Change legislation to hold those in office accountable. The clock is ticking.
–Nefarious James
American Patriot
American Biker

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