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Great American Bike Night at OCC Road House – Meet Paul Teutul Sr. along with Spyke and Mike

Published on June 17, 2022 under Blog
Great American Bike Night at OCC Road House – Meet Paul Teutul Sr. along with Spyke and Mike

We’re right smack dab in the middle of it, my Born To Ride friends. I’m not just referring to the afternoon showers and intense heat/humidity of June, but the OCC Roadhouse and museum. They are the latest and greatest group to join the Born To Ride family and we are the latest and greatest group to be pitching a 10 x 10 tent at their Great American Bike Night on Thursday. You’ll find me on the Fat Bird 3 under the tent supporting the festivities at one of the biggest and baddest biker Meccas on the west coast of Florida.

Paul Teutul Sr., the man, the myth, and the legend behind the famous Discovery Channel TV series “American Chopper” likes to hang out with me and read Born To Ride when he’s in town. He and his crew at Orange County Choppers left no stone unturned in making this restaurant/concert hall/museum over the top.

The place is located right next door to the awesome Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson, home to the biggest American flag on the west coast of Florida. Stop by and get your Kodak moment with me while saying hi to Mike. This place is an amazing establishment with remarkable people working and world class entertainment for not just bikers, but for folks from all walks of life. They have something going on seven nights a week and the place has become a destination for people from all over the state.

If you haven’t made it there yet, you’re missing out on what everyone’s talking about. Tuesday is family night. Wednesday is country music and truck night. Thursday is Bike Night. The weekends are all about world class entertainment. Come join BTR, Mike and I on bike night or any other night you can make it and you won’t be disappointed! They’ve hired many incredible people and we ran into one of them at the bar for the first-time last week.

Mike breaks in, “She was super nice and just doing her job, but was very adamant about you, Spyke. Just let me explain. The bartender said to me, ‘What’s up with your pretty poultry? We don’t allow birds in here, but we do have a cook what you bring special. Would you like her roasted with vegetables or potatoes?’ So, I told her, ‘It’s okay, I don’t have a hankering for parrot pot pie right now,’ and I explained that Spyke is a talking bird!”

Mike continues, “The bartender said, ‘Yeah, sure dude. If that funny-colored chicken can talk and not just make cackling noises while being plucked and prepped for dinner, I’ll give you all the free beer you can handle.’ So I said to Spyke, ‘Tell her what’s your favorite kind of beer?’ To which Spyke squawked, ‘Bock, bock, bock.’”

“The bartender said, ‘Ha, ha, ha, very funny, Blondie!’ To which I replied, ‘No, really! She can talk! Come on Spyke, what do you call a male deer?’ Spyke ruffled her feathers and cackled, ‘Buck, buck, buck.’”

“The bartender insisted, ‘Okay, it was funny the first time, but now you and that squawk-a-doodle-doo are getting annoying!’ I babbled, ‘I swear! Give me one more chance!’ Then I turned to Spyke and said, ‘Who’s the best composer ever?’ And she cackled loudly, ‘Baach, Baach, Baaach!’”

“The bartender swiveled and pointed her finger towards us, declaring, ‘All right, that’s it! You’re both outta here or she’s going into the kitchen!’ I tried to plead our case with the lady and show her Spyke’s press pass, but to no avail. She called Philbilly, the head of security and one of his cronies over, explained the situation and they threw me and my poor imitation of a talking parrot out.”

“I barked at Spyke, ‘You really disappointed me! How come you didn’t prove to the bartender that you can talk?’ Spyke leaned over and softly whispered so nobody could hear her, ‘What did you want me to say, Beethoven?’”

Mike finishes up the tale. “I picked Spyke up and plopped her on the backrest of the Fat Bird 3. Then I proclaimed, ‘You’re always out to embarrass me and I just don’t know why. I feed you only the best nuts. I take you out for long rides on the scoot. I let you hang on any lead singer that will have you on the massive OCC concert stage. Now you’ve just pissed off the new head bartender at OCC Roadhouse with your shenanigans. It’s my turn to embarrass you. I’m going to expose how you stay on the Fat Boy 3 at high speeds!’”

“I reached in my man-bag and pulled out an unopened box of Poligrip. I then secured it under the backrest next to where she was standing so anyone from PETA coming up from behind could see what was holding her on. I told Spyke, ‘It’s time to get my hair in the air, your wings in the wind, those claws glued to the backrest and the Fat Bird 3 wheels rolling down the road testing the adhesion of Poligrip and talons at 100+ mph!’”

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