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Celebrating DAD!

Published on June 10, 2022 under Blog
Celebrating DAD!

This month we are celebrating Father’s Day and honoring dads in all forms. We’re talking about biological dads to be sure but also father figures; those who do so much to enhance people’s lives. One such Big Daddy is John Shope of Dirty Bird Concepts in Arizona. Read about how he changed one employee’s life forever in these pages. John’s amazing Dirty Tail is our cover bike this month. See how his generosity changes the lives of his employees and all who know him.

We are also celebrating stepdads, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers. All those men in people’s lives who step forward and do the right thing day after day for their family, extended families and for our great country. Here’s to the men in our lives who set a positive example. Speaking of, we will feature a story of Ron Galletti’s Uncle Gee Fidel (Ron’s dad’s father figure) who fought in World War II, flying B-17s. It’s a tale of courage and sacrifice you won’t want to miss.

Then there’s the bond of generations. Check out the story about a father and son “wall of death” duo who risk their lives to bring thrills and smiles to eager crowds wherever they perform. And that’s not all. This special Father’s Day issue will also showcase biker dads out there with photos of dads and their kids at biker events from coast to coast. Then there’s a heartfelt Generation to Generation poem from France by legendary bike builder Alan Bernard’s family.

The jazzed up June issue of Born To Ride is packed to the seams with fun features and emotional tributes to all the fathers out there. Plus, check out a movie review of Hell Ride, get the latest rant from Nefarious James, look back with the words of Craven Moorehead, and laugh it up with Spyke & Mike. It’s all here in the south’s best biker rag.

And Born To Ride isn’t just a magazine in both paper and digital formats, we bring you kickass biker events. Feast your peepers on Florida’s hottest bike night at the OCC Roadhouse where papa Paul Teutul Sr. holds court! Born To Ride is proud to be part of this ongoing fun fest every Thursday night. Join us on Boss Hogg Radio at OCC Roadhouse LIVE every Thursday night!

Speaking of awesome events, Born To Ride’s Great American Biker Bash is coming this Sunday, August 21st. Watch for details and a major band announcement right here in the magazine that keeps on giving.

Don’t forget to join our BTR Facebook group and if you have a biker-friendly business, support Born To Ride by advertising to those who ride. Lastly, here’s to our own father figure, the original nasty savage, Ron Galletti, father to his own two wonderful kids and dad to all of us here at the Born To Ride family. Here’s to you, Ron!

Now, let’s get out there and ride!
–Dave Nichols

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