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Cave Spring

Published on June 23, 2022 under Blog
Cave Spring

Cave Spring is located in Floyd County and is 25 minutes from Rome, Georgia and less than 5 minutes away from the state of Alabama. It is like any typical off-the-interstate, sleepy small town in the South. With a population at just over a thousand, it is more a community of friends and relatives than a city. Everyone you meet is overflowing with hospitality and you always feel like you’re minutes away from the possibility of enjoying a cup of black coffee, or a beer on the porch with a new friend.

Cave Spring is actually located on the Trail of Tears in Georgia. The Cherokees once occupied huge portions of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina and Cave Spring was home to a major resistance at Beaver Dam of the Cherokee against the whites who were forcefully removing them from their own land. Named after a cave and fresh water spring that is located at Rolater Park in the central part of the town, the cave is made of limestone and features stalagmites. The cave is open year round to visitors and locals alike. The spring pours out from the side of a rock building that surrounds the entrance to the .25 mile cave. From there the spring flows into a sparkling pond from Rolater Park and then into a 1.5-acre swimming pool filled with the cold spring water.

So mark your calendars for July 29th and 30th, the Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival is held at one of those places that is quintessential Georgia and a place that is worth driving through on any road trip or ride. While you’re there, make sure you bring in your bike for the Choppertown ‘Live’ Ride In Bike Show. It’ll be the coolest thing to hit Cave Spring since stalagmites!

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