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Jacob Shinall Poker Run 4 30 2022

Published on April 26, 2022 under Born To Ride
Jacob Shinall Poker Run   4 30 2022

In honor of Jacob Shinall. Founder of Motorcycle trash group, beloved Marine, and brother to many of us. Even if you did not know Jacob please come out, and show some love and support. And enjoy an awesome ride with some good people. All proceeds go to Jacob’s wife, Ashley.

Event info https://borntoride.com/motorcycl…/jacob-shinall-poker-run/

Registration & Info:
Cash only, day of the event. Contact Motorcycle Trash Bay Area on Facebook for more info.

Grand prize – Best hand – Prize for worst hand – $5 raffles for additional prizes and gear.

Route & Times:
9am 1st stop – Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson

2nd Stop – Riveters Tampa

3rd stop – Bootleggers Brewing Company

4th Stop – Peggys Corral

Final Stop – OCC Road House

Last bike in by 5:30 SHARP

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