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Bike Week includes more than just Daytona

Published on March 3, 2022 under Blog
Bike Week includes more than just Daytona

The granddaddy of all Florida bike week events is coming up. Although a ghost of what it once was, the festivities in Daytona and the surrounding areas have taken on a life of their own. Unfortunately, you won’t find much taking place downtown on what was once party central; Beach Street. The governing municipal powers of Daytona are doing things to discourage the bikers.  You’ll have to ride further out to find the best of the best in bike shows, bikini contests, vendors and the rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere. And, thank goodness, in this day and age, it’s easy to find out where these things are taking place.  
In this age of instant communications, ready access to information and the ever-expanding range of social media, there really is no point in congregating blindly at a central point in a town that doesn’t welcome us. Interesting activities at other destinations are instantly posted that reach the bikers who are all seeking stimulation, a reason to hit the road and go on an adventure. Once they know where to find a party, the latest and newest products and services, show bikes, scantily-clad bar-keeps to admire and high-profile personalities to interact with, they are off in a deafening roar. 

Take in point the parties taking place at Space Coast, Seminole, and Orlando Harley-Davidson dealerships. These motorcycle destinations are filling their parking lots with admirable features at reasonable prices, live music all day long, free parking, and manageable-sized bike shows where even the back yard biker can find a place to shine. (You’ll find Letterfly Pinstriping at Space Coast Harley-Davidson in Palm Harbor during bike week.) These satellite motorcycle dealerships are taking full advantage of the fact that they can provide all the elements of bike week, while placing the bikers outside of where the gouging for hotel rooms, parking and meals take place – far from where the local populace have grown to distain the biker.

Motorcycling is all about finding something that you have never found before. This is what drives us to head out in a direction that we have never gone before. The spirit of adventure is what drives us and as the result, the out-lying areas of an even greater amount of Florida is prepping for the bikers who congregate here when the snow is up to their fannies up north. 

So, get ready for the tech-savvy Yanks, and expect them to behave like proactive bikers, finding the best of the best of the places to go. There are plenty of biker-friendly places that cherish the income that comes with the sudden surge of bikers roaring into the sunshine state who put on a great event. Just stay tuned to Born to Ride Radio, our social media sites, and read all the informative posts that are broadcast instantly onto your phone to find out more. Bike week is coming and it is no longer just about Daytona.     

Be Good, Be Well, and Ride Safe,
—Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer

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