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Choppertown The Sinners – Biker Movie Review

Published on February 3, 2022 under Blog
Choppertown The Sinners – Biker Movie Review

One World Studios, Filmmakers Zack Coffman and Scott Di Lalla are becoming iconic. They’re just a couple of regular guys who love bikes and like to tell stories as they occur. While there are planned events in their work nothing is scripted, and often stuff does not go off a planned. The films are pure and rough—lacking anything that might make them seem contrived or counterfeit. This not to say the films are without sentimentality. There are some extreme moments in these works and there is the expression of deep respect and love between friends forged in brotherhood.

To experience the beauty of craft, the support of community, and the celebration of life these guys will carry you kindly to the place where the truth about us dwells.

Following are three reviews of documentaries from One World Studios.

KC O’Dunn aka Chaplin Plato, Choppertown, The Sinners, a motorcycle fabrication documentary film by Zack Coffman & Scott Di Lalla

Over the last 20 or so years, since Harley got Malcolm Forbes and Mickey Rourke to be the centerpieces of their We-Ain’t-a-Workin’-Man’s-Motorcycle-Anymore, shift of market consciousness, one of the things that has been exorcised out of the motorcycle market and media is the hospitality of the working grunge machinist. Your local bike shop used to be a place where you could stop by on your way home from work with a 12 pack and share a beer with they guys who kept your life rollin’. You could sit in the petroleum thick air and BS about women and cars and women and fishin’ and huntin’ and cars and bikes and women and guns and. … The bike shop was a sanctuary.

Filmmakers Zack Coffman and Scott Di Lalla are good friends who love bikes and are insiders in the culture of motorcycle brotherhood in southern California. Over beers they decided the off-the-rack, buy-in mentality of the Sunday rider was eclipsing the truth and the authentic relationships of those who ride were being lost by distraction. There was a time when the denim jacket was enough to keep the wind at bay, or your work overalls would get you to the club with your good clothes under; but after a while the black leather jacket and vest became a badge of the masses. Conformity confounded the community and riding was reduced to a few highly organized bike nights through the week and a Sunday putt for some noble cause. ‘Nothing wrong with noble causes but noble causes comes in a variety of faces and need— meaning different things to different social circles. Sometimes the noble cause is helping a friend get his bike back on the road.

When the film was being figured out by Di Lalla and Coffman they fell into the perfect scene. They knew a guy who was a friend of a guy who was about to launch a build out of an Evo motor on a bobber frame using the support of junk yards and the collection of odd materials accumulated over the years by the Sinners. This guy is a Sinner. The Sinners are what the riding life was and is still, but conformists would be very uncomfortable among them.

The Sinners are the ultra network of brothers who span hundreds of miles of California and support each other with everything a person might need; even haircuts. One of those rare republican societies where there is complete support of one another and the hierarchy is loosely defined but staunchly protected … a sanctuary.

This is the sweet spot where Coffman and Di Lalla chronicle the love, the society, and the brotherhood. The meaningful details of wrenching and welding and dancing and singing and bar fighting and playing hard driving and soulful music.

This is a very good documentary and in fact has become the cornerstone of One World Studios. It was the European debut of this film that was the purpose of One World Tour Europe. The guys documented an amazing journey to the Old-World to show the film and to meet Europe’s underground rouges of custom bikes and cars.

The Phantom
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