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A Land of Sheep

Published on February 3, 2022 under Blog
A Land of Sheep

Well, here we go with another month. I for one like to keep myself in the know, but unfortunately, I can get more accurate news watching the SYFY Channel. Pretty darn unfortunate, if you ask me. But as usual, it’s a sign of the times.

I think back to the way it was, not to date myself, the 1970s and 80s. Different times and different outlooks by everybody. Hard to tell how far back in history you have to go to see how divided our great country has become. We’re living in a time of mass misinformation, and what appears to be personal entitlement. It would make my grandparents turn over in their graves. Unbelievable how sad that is to say.

Between misinformation on our news, to erratic weather, empty shelves in our stores, it’s definitely a tough nut to figure out. Restricted travel, higher minimum wage with higher prices at the pumps and at the grocery stores to boot. Could have seen that one coming. Everything is relative, people.

The people actually think that by giving somebody who flips burgers $15-$17 an hour, they weren’t going to raise the prices of everything else. After all, if you make more money, they could take out more taxes. If gas prices go up, again they tax you for more money. The price of everything goes up and the first thing they wanna do is blame the truckers on the road. Well, figure that out, if you’re charging twice the price for diesel fuel, things are going to go up in transportation costs.

Look, I’m not here to point fingers as to the reasons why all this is happening. That’s for everyone else to figure out on their own. I just know I don’t see any reasoning behind it other than somebody’s getting paid. Like they say, if you want to find the source, follow the money. I don’t understand the reasoning behind telling farmers not to grow food on their land, and if they decide to go against that federal directive, they are then fined. Imagine the idiocy of punishing somebody for growing food when there are people starving in our country. Along with that, transportation manufacturing drops to a crawl because we have allowed ourselves to be outsourced so much to where they have their hand around our throats.

I remember back in the day when you could buy a motorcycle in parts, a basket case, for a couple hundred dollars and a new bike for $3,500 to $4,000. I never thought I would see the day where a new motorcycle could cost $30,000-$60,000. Unbelievable. It makes it more difficult with the prices the way they are to allow anyone, let alone motorcyclists, to travel and see this great country of ours.

The number of people who think they are entitled to all the free crap they can get their hands on, has caused quite an issue. Don’t fool yourself if you think there are no jobs available. What’s unavailable are people who are willing to work. They’ve been trained so well to be given a free hand out instead of working, that they now take that as being commonplace and the norm.

I’m not telling anybody who has their eyes open anything they can’t see for themselves. But how is this going to all turn around? I recently read a disturbing study that said the United States, under the definition of democracy, no longer qualifies as being called a democracy. How ironic is that? The home of democracy no longer qualifies to be called such. Another sad fact to point out is where a lot of the opinions come from that try to guide us in a certain direction. Why in the world would I allow a Hollywood actor or some sports figure or some talk show host or some musician to be considered an authority on who I should vote for or how I should see my country.

I remember fondly when the symbol of this great country what the bald eagle. Strong, majestic, and a symbol of strength. Just wondering how much longer it’s going to take until our National symbol is a sheep; an animal that follows mindlessly.

Hopefully, it’s not too late for “we the people” to get us back on course. It would be ignorant to think that we can turn everything around after all of the extreme changes that have been put upon us. But we have to try. For if we don’t, everything that our veterans and military service people have done to keep Americans free… will all be for nothing. Imagine that.

Remember when we used to stand up for what was right, not for what put money in our pockets and suppressed a great nation and its people for personal gain? I know this is some heavy Sh*t to hear, but more people need to say it and then act on it.

Many bikers wear the American flag to symbolize their belief in this country. Don’t you think it’s time to protect it now? I certainly do. Until next time, ride safe and enjoy your life while you can. You only get one time around.

Nefarious James

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