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Southbound & Down

Published on November 19, 2021 under Uncategorized
Southbound & Down

What do you call an event where a large gathering of people get together with a common passion in Choppers and the chopper lifestyle? If that event is put together by Shawn Zinn and the event is in Gibsonton, Fl. Many people will tell you ‘that event’ is called ‘SouthBound and Down’.

SouthBound and Down came to fruition with a very simple goal in mind, no ‘corporate’ sponsors, no ‘corporate’- anything. No awards, judges or trophies. None of the politics,favoritism and butt kissing that go along with it in hopes of ‘winning’ anything. The only reason for the event is a pure, unfiltered love for hanging out and showing off your latest build, or ride and having a really great time with really great people.

The event started a few years back in the Tampa Bay area and has gained a foothold in the motorcycle community with a cult-like status.

It’s success is based on it’s very low key approach, and it’s for that very reason that this has turned into one of those events that many people always look forward to being a part of and attending.

Shawn was back at it again this year in the ‘Carnival Capital of the World’ at the Showtown Bar & Grill in Gibsonton, FL. Gibsonton (or Gib-town) gained fame in the 1930’s as the winter resting place for human oddities and sideshow attractions such as Giants, Bearded Ladies and Lobster Boy. Gibsonton and Showtime Bar have become a place widely known for its mentality that ‘everybody fits in’. It’s for this very reason that he chose this location for SouthBound and Down. Bikers, and Chopper lovers alike can be known for their colorful characteristics and lifestyle. At SouthBound and Down, everybody is welcome, everybody fits in.

Words & Photography by Erick Runyon

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