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Sanctified Success! The First Annual Sanctified Vintage Chopper Show

Published on November 19, 2021 under Event Pictures
Sanctified Success! The First Annual Sanctified Vintage Chopper Show

The First Annual Sanctified Vintage Chopper Show was a blast! and Law Tigers of Georgia presented a one-of-a-kind show. The stresses of building a show and nine months of preparation all faded away by 10am on the morning of October 23rd as awesome bikes started to roll in. Soon after, Big Don Spurlin was picking the guitar and singing the blues. It’s estimated that over 80 custom motorcycles were counted throughout the day.

All day long bikes were rolling in and blasting out, loud pipes screaming behind them. The atmosphere of the show felt like one big family reunion, but a good one, not some awkward gathering. Everybody at the show was friendly, happy and excited to see what would roll in next. Everyone was laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s style, each one being a little different. The best part about this show is that no one felt left out.


The Auraria Community Club was a perfect venue with bikes covering the whole front entrance and vintage parts scattered all around. The smell of the Pathfinder’s Family BBQ was intoxicating and the smoked flavor was even better. The custom Killing Time Clock and belt buckles made for amazingly cool wearable trophies; an award that all could be proud of. There were 20 different categories of all types bikes, all in one place for a common goal of sharing the love of motorcycles, dirt bikes to trikes.

The show supported a local organization called KARE for Kids, Inc. The amazing people of KARE are extremely important; every year KARE buys Christmas presents for over 500 children in need. KARE also provides year-round assistance. They use the funds they raise to provide necessities for children. Among some of the items KARE has purchased over the years are winter coats, shoes, clothing, medicine, eye glasses, a list of items required for boot camp, educational resources, summer school fees, toys, and more.

Some amazing companies gave to the show like Lowbrow Customs, Born To Ride, Vanilla Cycles, Death Trap Company, Phuk Dup Garage, Nick’s Choppers, Two Wheel Trash, SiK Cycles, Silver City Metalworks, The Ton, GA Peach Chopper Trash, and Low Class High Standards. All gave some crazy cool merch to auction off or giveaway. Other companies to lend a hand included K&K Towing and Bigfoot Septic Pumping. Steph’s Trophies and Embroidery printed up the killer t-shirts for the show as well.

When all was said and done, the Sanctified show was a big success. Everyone involved was pleasantly surprised at the success of the first show and the generosity shown by all that were there. I’m truly thankful for all who helped make this show happen. My heart was so full that I got a little choked up at the end of the show. I love you all dearly and pray that you all are blessed. I also want to give a very special thank you to Marie Lumpkin and Greg Bryant. I have no idea what I would have done without either of you. God sends you Angels when you need them the most. Again, thank you all for everything and thank you to everyone involved. This show is special and I can’t wait untill next year!

Be Blessed,