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Think For Yourself – Nefarious James

Published on October 12, 2021 under Blog
Think For Yourself – Nefarious James

Here we are in October and one of my favorite times of the year. Heading into fall with cooler weather, and of course, Halloween coming up.

With colder weather moving in around the country, it’s time for some of us to start planning whether to winterize our bikes for the cold weather or to figure out what we’re gonna wear to stay warm. I for one ride all year round so I guess that doesn’t really apply to me. I know others that follow suit but we are fortunate with our weather down here in Florida. I think we are more concerned with how to stay dry than stay warm.

Well, on with the topic of the day. I saw a movie clip online of a social media post and it was about a couple of politicians debating for some form of election. During that time, they were asked what makes America so great. The first two candidates gave the usual blanket feel good answers such as because we have freedom and so on. The third candidate, when pressed, gave a totally unexpected response to the question.

He sounded off a whole line of statistics that more or less showed that our standing in things like science, math, healthcare, childbirth etc. etc. demonstrate our lack of being the greatest nation on earth.

Anyone that’s ever read my articles before know my standing and feelings about our country. I do not believe that statistics alone demonstrate a country’s greatness in a global venue. Maybe the actuarial types may gauge everything according to statistics, but I take it a step further. I believe what makes the United States the greatest country in the world are its citizens. I’ve never stated that I personally believe that we aren’t the greatest. We may not be statistically what some would consider the greatest, but nobody will beat the heart and soul of a patriotic United States citizen. Our beliefs and pride in our country past, present, and hopefully future, will always be that beacon that all other countries strive to achieve.

Unfortunately, we are in a time of crisis that has been produced by greedy self-absorbed politicians that are not out for the benefit of our country but for the benefit of themselves. Power corrupts, remember that. The only ones who can change any of this and put us back on track are those same people that make this country great. I don’t care about your politics or what party you like or who you voted for. I’m concerned with what I am seeing our country develop into.

Used to be we would attract the greatest of the great to come here so they could expand their visions and move mankind forward. It appears we are now inundated with people who weren’t willing to stay in their own country and fix their problems and in return have brought a majority of those issues they had at their home country into the United States. Unfortunately, misinformation, lies, deceit, and double talk are the standard. Our sources of information that is fed to us on a daily basis is through a very broken set of news agencies.

Once upon a time, reporters reported the news and we decided for ourselves our point of view. Now reporters in some cases make it up as they go along in order to sell advertisement space or inches in a column. It’s hard not to have mixed feelings about what we are all watching. Some of us have worked our entire lives to have what little we have to just watch it get taken away by those who cry the loudest and do the least.

“So Nefarious, What’s Your Point!!??”

Figure it out. Think for yourself. There is plenty to digest here.

Nefarious James
Proud American