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The Cherokee Blue Ridge Run and Choppertown Custom Chopper Show!

Published on October 12, 2021 under Blog
The Cherokee Blue Ridge Run and Choppertown Custom Chopper Show!

Welcome to the awesome October issue of Born To Ride! Autumn is here and there’s nothing like a ride in that crisp autumn air. Hey, last month we held one helluva a bike show. September 10th through the 12th was the Blue Ridge Run in Cherokee, North Carolina, where the Cherokee Blue Ridge Run Born To Ride Choppertown Ride-In Show kicked some serious butt!

If you were there, you know there were some amazing custom choppers on display. Classic Easyriders magazine photographer Brad Patton was on hand to shoot all those bikes and maybe even YOU! Check out the killer coverage of this radical run right here in this issue. If you’re into antique bikes we had you covered there as well. Plus, master bike builder and “The Father of Flames” Dave Perewitz put on a wild custom paint show. Needless to say, Choppertown was a huge success with riders coming in from many miles away to experience the best bike show imaginable. Turn the page and witness the awe and glory of this righteous Cherokee hoedown!

We’ll also cover a mind-melting book from Peter Soutullo who takes you behind the secretive veil of the skateboarding world. Much like bikers, these dudes live to skate and skate to live. Feast your eyes on Pete’s book Skatescape here in the October issue.

Speaking of October, Biketoberfest is upon us. On October 14th through the 17th, Daytona Beach, Florida, will become biker heaven on earth and Born To Ride will be there. Come on out and see us. It will all be happenin’; the bikes, the babes, and the badass good times. Our cameras will be snappin’ and you might just see your pearly whites right here in next month’s coverage of this last big run before winter winds start to howl.

Don’t forget to read this month’s rowdy rant by Nefarious James who reminds you that it is your God-given right to think for yourself, damnit! Then visit our very own “squawk box” as Spyke & Mike tell you why it is a really bad idea to smoke while you pump gas! All this and more is burnin’ rubber your way in the outrageous October issue of Born To Ride, which is dedicated to our brother Welder Joe of FTW who has ridden on ahead to prepare heaven for the rest of us surly scooter tramps.

Keep the faith my friends and watch for a big announcement that will blow your mind, next month right here in Born To Ride!

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