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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Published on September 28, 2021 under Blog
Don’t Believe Everything You Read

How in the world do we even know what to believe anymore? It unfortunately appears that we are surrounded with so much misinformation that it is hard to tell the truth from the lies and the fairytales. It’s like when you ask that new rider how long he’s been riding and he’ll either tell you he took his first cross-country trip on his 1947 knucklehead when he was younger or that he grew up riding dirt bikes. Then you watch him leave the parking lot, and he almost dumps his bagger on the ground.

Hearing honesty out of people has become such a rare trait that sometimes it’s almost hard to identify it when you do come across it. I test my theory sometimes on the social media pages and make posts that go with what other people say at times. I find out that people react more to posts containing drama then they do to posts containing honest and wholesome thought.

There is no doubt that there are some sad and miserable people out there. There are people out there going through tough times in their lives whether it be financial, health related, or relationship related, just to name a few. I can absolutely understand that. But I’ve also noticed that at times when somebody’s at their lowest, there’s always some scumbag that wants to kick you when you’re down. To those people who like to do that to others, I hope the rock you live under collapses on top of you.

I guess my point on all of this is don’t believe everything you read or see on social media. There will be people who will post things or write things in hopes of getting attention and responses to help uplift their spirits when they are feeling bad. It doesn’t make them a whore. Unfortunately, there are those that will respond as if they are. Again go find a rock.

We should try to spend as much time uplifting others and trying to make each other feel better than trying to put each other down just in hopes of making somebody feel worse about their lives than we do about our own. Thank goodness for motorcycles. To some of us bikes are a way for us to have a creative and emotional outlet. Others call it their wind therapy. Whatever label you want to put on it, the reasoning behind it is all the same. It makes us feel better.

Regardless of what you wear, what you ride, or where you ride to, it’s all for the sake of letting ourselves loose and feeling better. It’s that emotional and physical release we get from the ride. Some of us go as far as living with motorcycles as part of the way we live our lives. Our lifestyle choice. The way we express our lives. The way some of us used to live, by a code of ethics and conduct. Not just words, but a way of life.

So keeping all this in mind, when someone posts something in social media, it may just be someone reaching out through their post to see they aren’t alone. That they aren’t as bad as they feel at the moment. That they do look good, that there is more to life. We know this, but some need reassurance. Some need to know we don’t have to go through this alone. There are more of us than anyone realizes. Think about that.

Now get your ass off that couch and go for a ride.

Nefarious James