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Respect & Honor Starts at Home

Published on August 20, 2021 under Blog
Respect & Honor Starts at Home

Well, here we go with August. As always hot and miserable but we get out there and ride our bikes anyway. Time for Sturgis, road trips and parties that revolve around the idea of not being able to afford to go to Sturgis. We want to hold events praising America and stating how proud we are to be Americans, while at the same time, we have individuals out there disrespecting our country, troops, first responders and veterans.

Organizations gathering out there that hold the belief that way to get respect is to be heard. Not by proper actions or popular opinion or by doing what’s right for the greater good, but for personal gain and notoriety. They all want their 15 minutes of fame. Meanwhile, the ideals that our forefathers and veterans of the past and present bestowed on this great nation are being crapped on. Makes me sick.

People need to realize that respect and honor start at home. It starts with those people who you call family and friends and your personal circle. If you tell someone that you will do something for them, they should be able to rely on your word and not worry that it will be taken care of. They should be able to take that as a holy grail and that you’ve taken care of it.

Unfortunately, people like to say that they will do things for others and nothing ever comes about. Sounds great at the bar, sounds great at the party, sounds great when a person’s in need and other people are standing around. People become impressed that somebody stepped up to the plate to help another. They admire the example of kindness and caring for others that person has displayed. Then we see that after the crowds have gone that nothing happens. Empty words = no actions = no respect. Tired of the direction our beautiful country has headed in.

We are multitudes of people chanting and waiting for something that may or may not happen for years from now they will supposedly fix our country. What about now? So much damage can be done in four years. In one year. Again another example of a way of rubbing our ignorance in our face. Make no mistake about it, I admire those who stand up for what they believe in. Right or wrong it is a right that has been bestowed upon them by the blood and sacrifice of others. But again we have to look at the greater good of an entire nation.

I guess the entire point of this rant is that it all starts at home. How we bring up our children, how we handle our relationships with others that we become in contact with. When you lie to someone or make empty promises to someone, you disrespect them. Nobody likes to be disrespected. In the biker culture and lifestyle, everyone loves to jump up and down about respect. How about instead of running a mouth, can you start doing the deeds that show that we are worthy of the respect that we gave our grandparents growing up?

I for one don’t take disrespect lightly and I know others who feel the same way. Now everybody is so worried about what will happen to them if they stand up for themselves. We used to be able to walk into a room and I would know that men were men and women were women and that we would act accordingly. Now they can’t even decide what bathroom they want to use. And if that statement offends anybody, too bad. I speak my mind.

Think about what it’s going to be like when nobody decides to stand up to the bully in the room. It’s in your court, you decide. The answers to these problems starts at home. If you want respect, give respect. Because it sucks mouthing the words with no friggin’ teeth.
—Nefarious James