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Published on June 4, 2021 under Born To Ride

Letter from the Editor DAVE NICHOLS

Sunday, June 20 marks Father’s Day, a day to enjoy with Dad. If your father has ridden on ahead, it is a great day to remember and honor him. Right here in the June issue of Born To Ride we have a couple of great father and son stories for you. We’ll introduce you to Gary and Ben Francis of Winter Haven, Florida and we’ll learn about their mutual love of motorcycles, wrenchin’ and ridin’ together. Then you’ll meet motorcycle daredevil Shawn Ives and his sons Kile and Cody who ride the Wall of Death motor-drome. Together, they are keeping two-wheeled history alive and kickin’!

The big news in this issue centers around the return of the Great American Motorcycle Rodeo! I am, of course, talking about Motofest. This coming July 24th, Ron and Deb Galletti have organized the ultimate motorcycle event out in Plant City, Florida. When was the last time that you went to a killer biker event? We are talkin’ a throw down shindig, roll around in the mud, ride-in bike show and motorcycle rodeo with all the fixin’s.

R&R Cycles’ Ron Schwellinger of the famous Easyriders Rodeos knows how to throw one helluva a rodeo. He’s got all the fun and games prepared for a day like no other. He brings his many years of experience to this first annual Motofest. There will be sled pulls and racing action as well as all the tried-and-true biker rodeo favorites such as the weenie bite, balloon toss and a whole lot more.

Our good friends at Rooster’s Rod Shop will be on hand at Motofest with a kickass custom car show. Check out their Thunderstruck Hot Rod Show right here in this issue. Plus, the top rodeo cowboys will win free tires from Metalsport Wheels and Vee Rubber and Mondo from Denver’s Choppers has a special surprise coming for the top rodeo winners as well.
If that’s not enough to get you in the breeze to attend this amazing event, we’ll have our Grand Marshalls, none other than Spyke & Mike and Dave “Flash” Morgan! You might even meet Nefarious James! All this plus great grub and suds, righteous live music and guaranteed the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Plus, Born To Ride is proud to announce that our charity of choice for Motofest is the Florida Sherriff’s Youth Ranches and we will all be helping their awesome program to send kids to camp. It’s all comin’ at ya at Motofest, this July 24th out at the Boss Hogg Ranch in Plant City.

This jazzy June issue brings you another spleen-grabbin’ bucket o’ chuckles from Spyke & Mike, and some heartfelt words from Nefarious James in which he gives us some of the cool details about what will be goin’ down at Motofest. But wait, there’s more! We’ll show you the legendary gold chopper from the biker film Rough Boys. It’s a pristine panhead from Paughco Motorcycle Parts and Mondo of Denver’s Choppers that YOU CAN WIN! Find out how right here in Born To Ride.

If that’s not enough, don’t forget to join me and my bro Dave “Flash” Morgan and 2.8 million bikers who follow us every week on Born To Ride Live. It’s an hour of the best motorcycle video content from over 25 years of Born To Ride TV. Check it out every Tuesday at 7pm EST on the Born To Ride Facebook page and on YouTube and Choppertown. Still achin’ for more rebel rousin’ hijinks? Hit up Boss Hogg Radio on Thursday night at 7pm for Born To Ride Radio. Fester Jenkins and Mama Dukes moderate an hour of live biker talk, interview biker legends and bring you a whole lot of far out fun!

Come join us next month for Motofest, brothers and sisters. It’s summer time and it is time to ride!

— Dave Nichols