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Biker Rodeo Grand Marshalls, Spyke & Mike

Published on June 8, 2021 under Blog
Biker Rodeo Grand Marshalls, Spyke & Mike

Happy love bug season, my BTR friends. It’s a good time to be sportin’ a windscreen. If you ride the kind of scoot that’s too cool for one, then you should be wearing a mask or full face helmet. It will keep you from having those pesky, mating, flying insects between your teeth, or worse, up your nose. Also consider yourself lucky riding in Florida ‘cuz from Georgia northward, they’ve got to put up with bigger swarms of cicadas, Japanese beetles, and other flying June bugs. All of which aren’t very tasty and can really sting when hitting you in the head, chest and neck at 50+ mph.

Mike breaks in, “Yeah, Spyke. I remember the good ol’ days. Back when the Fat Bird was just a dream in an artists’ mind and you were just learning how to ride. I would cruise around on a Fat Boy with you on my shoulder and me with only sunglasses on. By the end of the ride, I was scraping bugs from my teeth and forehead, then wiping off your beak and chest feathers. Now the third genration scoot or Fat Bird 3 sits in the garage waiting patiently for me to heal. Unlike you, who is very impatient and has been out riding with several friends, I refuse to ride bitch behind anybody who will have you on their shoulder. I guess I’m just too hardcore old school. But, maybe someday…”

I cackle, “Yeah, Mike, your 1980s mindset is ancient history. You need to break out of that mold. I will give you credit; you do still get me in the wind. Sometimes on four wheels, sometimes just where the sand meets the surf. But in any case, you’re not keeping me cooped up at home watching you do laps in the pool rehabbing that leg or worse yet, making me stare at a mirror and say, ‘hello’ and ‘pretty bird.’”

Mike babbles, “No, Spyke, a part of my therapy is being part of the waves and pushing parts in the sand. I find pleasure in getting your wings on the water as well as above it and you really seem to be enjoying yourself. Of course it’s never all fun and games. Sometimes a flock of seagulls show up and think that you’re invading their territory. They like to fly just overhead and cackle at you. Every now and then one swoops in for a closer scare. But I watch you just turn and squawk back, telling them who’s boss. Then there are the Ken and Karen types who try lecturing me. They think I’m doing you harm by making you fly over the gulf or enjoy your boogie board in the surf.”

I squawk, “Dude, I really do love it and savor watching you and Cherry stick up for me, brushing them off like love bugs. There is that 1%er out there who doesn’t realize that I’m just a human trapped in a bird’s body, trying to enjoy life, getting a nut and making people smile as best as I can whether it be in the surf or on the scoot.”

“Speaking of old school and making people smile,” Spyke goes on, “Ron just sent me mail by pigeon carrier saying that I’m going to be the Grand Marshal of Rob and your biker rodeo games at the Great American Motofest on Saturday July 24th in Plant City. I remember back in the day riding to the Easyriders Rodeos up north where you would participate in the barrel racing, sled pull and slow race. For the Motofest, Rob’s adding mini-bike races, weenie bite, balloon toss, and outhouse drag racing. It’s going to be old school shenanigans meets new school BTR event and I get to oversee it.”

“I’m looking forward to plopping my feathered ass on some friends’ shoulders and taking laps around the track,” Spyke fluffs up his feathers with pride. “For a few, it’ll be 15 minutes of fame and glory while cohorts snap Kodak moments and capture memories that will last a lifetime.”

Mike babbles, “Yes, it’s always a memorable phenomenon when we show up. I look forward to making your fans smile, even if they can’t take you for a ride with just a picture or two. Right now though, it’s time to get my knees under the keys, your wings on the windowsill of the truck and its wheels rolling down the road. Surf’s up, my little buddy, and the beach is calling us.”

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