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Thunder By The Bay Huge Success! Raising $224,000 for Suncoast Charities for Children

Published on April 6, 2021 under Born To Ride
Thunder By The Bay  Huge Success! Raising $224,000 for Suncoast Charities for Children

How your support is changing lives!

Bikers know that Thunder By The Bay Music and Motorcycle Festival is an annual event that brings excitement to beautiful Sarasota, FL.  What they may not know is that all the hard work and efforts by festival director Lucy Nicandri and her volunteers – sponsors, vendors, advertisers and with the patronage from the bikers – this rally directly benefits Suncoast Charities for Children.  The 2021 Festival raised $224,000 and here is how your support is changing lives!

New Computer Lab – Four new laptop computers were purchased to assist approx. 80 special athletes with on-line coaching and trainings, virtual meetings, social events, and school reports.  Volunteers will be training special athletes, and in turn, special athletes train their peers on basic computer usage.

New Sensory Room Renovations – Sensory rooms will provide a safe and supported space for approx. 40 individuals with special needs who require additional sensory-related supports.  It will assist them in transitioning back into their day quickly and efficiently.

Feeding At-Risk Children – Support was provided to the “Growing Health Kids” Program.  This program provides an average of 17,312 meals and 8,656 snacks each year to approx. 53 preschool children with disabilities.

New Playground – Over 75 children enrolled in the Head Start Educational Program now have a quality outdoor space to play, which is important for healthy brain development, interaction with others, and better learning skills while back inside the classroom.

Child/Family Support Services – Over 3,000 children and families will benefit from the installation of new classroom windows, new air conditioning units, and necessary structural repairs.  Support was also provided to their Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Clinic impacting over 250 high risk infants and children.

New Multi-Purpose Building – The construction of this building will help this agency provide the sport of baseball in a safe environment to over 100 individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges.

Thanks for all of your support!!!

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