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MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! – Seattle Engraving’s Gold-plated Guns

Published on April 6, 2021 under Blog
MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! – Seattle Engraving’s Gold-plated Guns

Two brothers from Seattle have created an incredible company that makes beautiful artwork out of deadly weapons. We’re talking about our new Born To Ride sponsor, Seattle Engraving Center. Mike and Haysam Gamil moved to Florida and opened Seattle Engraving Center in Brandon. You’ll find them at 1073 E Brandon Blvd, in the Town Center at Forest Park.

Imagine owning a super rare Colt Talo exclusive Aztec Empire 38 Super with amazing gold accents, incredible engraving and devilishly detailed mural work on the stock. You’ll find that piece of lethal jewelry on their website along with hundreds of other mind-blowing guns.

Like what, you ask? How about a custom 1911 Government Colt 45 that’s been 24-k gold-plated and black chrome engraved with a Day of the Dead theme. And that’s just one of so many truly stunning fire-able wonders. When you go to their website, you’ll see what we mean.

Seattle Engraving Center has really mastered the art of gun customization, gun engraving, and 24K gold plating. Some of their guns even have diamonds and gem stones such as emeralds, rubies, and more. Let them make your piece personal or shop from their custom gun gallery of ready-to-own masterpieces.

Seattle Engraving is committed to 100% satisfaction with their work. Check out the ad in this issue and visit the website at or call 206-535-8978. Tell them Born To Ride sent you.

                   —Dave Nichols


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