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The Squeaky Wheel

Published on February 10, 2021 under Born To Ride
The Squeaky Wheel

Welcome to February, 2021. It’s already one month into the new year, and I gotta wonder how many people made those resolutions on New Year’s and have already quit the attempt to make the changes they wanted to see in their lives. Very unfortunate.

We, as a society, need to realize that it takes time, effort and drive to get what we want. Not a handout. What we’ve seen in 2020 is not the right way to go about getting what you want long-term. The old saying is that, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ and unfortunately, at times that’s true. We survived the first round of pandemics, BLM protests, Antifa riots, political turmoil and miscellaneous BS. What do we have to show for it? A weaker America, that’s what.

It seems that all the values we had as a country, are a thing of the past. They’ve gone right out the window in exchange for whiny, screaming, disrespectful cowards who want a hand out and a free ride. Cowards that disrespect our veterans, our elderly, our society, our flag, as well as our constitution that helped forge this country. Hell, they can’t even decide what gender they want to be. It’s enough to make all of our citizens in the past, roll over in their graves.

Has anyone else noticed that a majority of the domestic terrorism created by some groups just suddenly stopped and that all was quiet after the election ended? Remember how violent and destructive these public displays of violence were and how many were killed and injured along the way? Remember how many small businesses suffered? Remember how one political party in particular knelt on their knees in the people’s Capital Building, in costume, and showed their support for these violent groups? This is just as shameful as when Obama bowed to a Saudi King while on a diplomatic trip to Saudi Arabia. There’s no doubt in my mind this is a sign of cowards and hypocrites.

The American people have the right to get answers regarding questions as to who caused the handful of fatalities during the protest on January 6th. Now the same people who let American cities burn and its citizens be killed, maimed and robbed of their livelihoods, are now all of a sudden outraged at the protest at the Capital. Maybe because they got a taste of the people exercising their personal freedoms, right in their own backyard, and it scared the crap out of them.

This is the hypocrisy I’m talking about, all the way to the top. This is what our children and our youth see regarding what this country is becoming.

This can go on and on but we must get to the end of this read. I guess my point is, don’t forget the past transgressions these people allowed to happen. Keep up your belief in America. If there is no America, then there will be no Americans. I, for one, won’t stand for that. Will you?

—Nefarious James


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