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The Letterfly Guy

Published on February 10, 2021 under Blog
The Letterfly Guy

Wow! What a blast going on here in central Florida! If you didn’t see the interview on Born to Ride TV on the Boss Hogg Radio Show last month, just visit the Born to Ride Archives and watch. I am complimented to be endorsed by such a great group of enthusiasts all dedicated to heightening the motorcycling experience. That is pretty much what I do except they do it with exciting events, show off what’s new with motorcycle products, introduce the radical fabricators, showcase accessories and stuff. I do it with decorative paint.

The finishing touch for any bike building project requires pinstriping. That’s why I get to experience some really great bikes up close. But usually when they are quiet. When I ply my trade, prepare the paint just right, get into the zone and then let my mind dream up the next move, the magic just begins. I really have to give the brush a lot of credit, after all, he’s doing the magic, I’m just holding on.

People love to watch the magic and part of what Ron at Born to Ride finds fascinating about me is that I enjoy the limelight due to my entertainment and hospitality background. I was a performer on the old-time big-top circus years ago. I also credit recently having been the resident artist at the largest RV dealer in the country. That is where I learned my people skills, serving the elite with their variety of toys with motors.
Through those connections I painted large murals and lettered the sign work in the new Harley stores that were springing up all over the country back in the nineties. Now, I enjoy a route of customer-dedicated Harley-Davidson stores up north for the summer months.

Yes, I decorate more than motorcycles. Come and meet me at Born to Ride’s Choppertown Live during the upcoming Thunder by the Bay Motorcycle and Music Event in Sarasota on Feb 19-21 at the fairgrounds. You will also find me at the Sun n Fun Aircraft Fly-In at the Sun n Fun Expo Grounds in Lakeland as well as at Hot Rod Shows in the area. Most other weekends you will find me at Rockstar or Bert’s or some of the other Harley dealerships. Other than that, I can be found at my home called ArtPark in Plant City where bikers, hot rodders and motorhome people come to get custom paint of all kinds. They like the quiet at ArtPark. The peace and serenity around a campfire makes a great think-tank where fellowship and ideas grow like weeds.

When I am not out in the shop, I am writing. I write content for my newsletter called Tales of a Traveling Airbrush that goes out to my email and blog followers. Just visit

You will read about the excitement, pleasure and danger of traveling and performing with the circus. And, in contrast, you will find out about my initial withdrawal into the secret world of imagination due to the turbulence that existed between a father and son. You will read about a young man who hit the road to make an improvement and how influential show people touched his life, influenced his hand, and promoted a rare connection with his surroundings.

So far, I have written enough content for three books. The next ambition is to get a book published. The first book will be named “Speedy,” my dad’s nickname in the Army Air Corps during WWII when he had a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This on the road memoire will reveal the surprise twists and turns of an interesting life that ultimately led to love.

This boy-to-man story collection celebrates the transformation from solitary, self-sufficient and independent, into receptive, willing and eager for the influence of life lessons at the hand of a series of unforeseen sources. My editor has the manuscript now and the publisher is waiting. I‘m excited. What a Blast!
—Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer

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