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Showstopper – Shannon Davidson’s Metal Masterpiece with Scarlet Queen

Published on January 8, 2021 under Blog
Showstopper – Shannon Davidson’s Metal Masterpiece with Scarlet Queen

Shannon Davidson, owner of The Chopp Shop out of Taylorsville, North Carolina, has been building magnificent custom motorcycles for over 20 years. I have had the honor of giving Shannon many Best of Show and Best Bagger awards over the years and have featured many of his lavish creations in motorcycle magazines. The Chopp Shop is truly a one-stop shop, offering everything in-house, from fabrication to final assembly, including astounding designs and flawless custom paint.

It’s no wonder that Ron Loynds, president of Metalsport Wheels, chose Shannon as the spokesperson for his amazing line of custom wheels for baggers including the mighty 34-inch 3D designs that Metalsport is known for. The bagger you are looking at here was created to be the showcase for Metalsport’s new print advertisements, including the ad seen in this issue. Ron and Shannon worked together to create the perfect twowheeled statement for Metalsport and this custom Road Glide is the result.

This gold and crème Road Glide has, as its centerpiece, the dazzling new Metalsport Fat Wheel. That’s a 23-inch, 5.5 wide 3D design up front with matching 18-inch rotors, shod in Vee Rubber, snuggled beneath Shannon’s clever custom Road Glide fairing. A matching 16-inch, 5.5 rear wheel and 11.8 rotor is out back, hidden by a set of custom hardbags. Scott at Cylent Cycles makes those bags and then Shannon and the crew at the Chopp Shop customize them to taste. Other Chopp Shop parts and pieces include the frame, the front and rear fender, the stretched gas tank and side panels, and that sleek chin spoiler.

Ron at Metalsport was blown away by this ravishing Road Glide by the show-stopping Shannon Davidson and Born To Ride is proud to share it with you.

—Dave Nichols


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