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Have a vision-Trust the process…

Published on January 14, 2021 under Blog
Have a vision-Trust the process…

Bobby Stein is an Effective and Experienced communicator. A professional with a demonstrated history working within the fitness and podcast communities.

He is the Creator and Host of the Motiv8d Mindset and producer and co-host of the “Two Wheel Action” Podcasts.

He is passionate about sharing the successes, setbacks and stories of artists, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and extraordinary folks from all walks of life unveiling and learning just what Motivates their Mindset-

Hello and Welcome to the New Year Born to Ride Family! Do we realize that right now is a fantastic time to get after it…

Hindsight truly is 2020 and with the strange and tumultuous year of 2020 now behind us let us each reflect on how fortunate we are- the lessons we learned and to the hope of a brighter new year ahead.

2020 gave us all an opportunity, the chance to look inward and to make a choice., a choice to roll over and lay down or to decide. A decision to move forward in the face of adversity. Do we succumb to the pandemic, the events and conditions as the news outlets mandate OR do, we trust in our vision, true 2020 vision? A vision of what is possible for us. A vision that is worthy of setting a goal and devising a plan. Not sight, but a dream, a vision.
I for one, am choosing the latter. I am choosing to move in the direction of my vision and ideal, to realize the potential that I hold in my minds’ eye.

Visions are real. Visions are not created in a vacuum. When we have a vision or desired outcome for ourselves, I believe, that the vision was ordered. Ordered on a deeper level and I believe also that the means to bring that vision coming to pass are within me., within each of us, ordered. I choose to believe that. For me it is healthy and keeps me focused, focused on the plan. Especially in this uncertain and fearful time we presently find ourselves in.
The interesting thing about having and holding a vision, I have found, is that when we are faithful to it, the resources and people seem to come to our aid. People and circumstances seem to conspire on our vision’s behalf, truly. We may look back in a goal achieved and realize that a certain individual made an introduction at a certain time or opened a door that acted as a signpost to follow on the road to the goal. A word was spoken at the right time to remind us to remain steadfast and encouraged.

Which brings me to this important point. When we hold a vision in mind it shows. It shows up in our eyes, our speech, mannerisms, and actions. The vision acts a kind of magnet, a magnet that contains an attraction to like-minded individuals. The people we encounter along our journey is treasure. When we respect each encounter and individual we may be led to the next step, a step in the direction of our vision.

I had the vision in early 2020 to embark on hosting and producing my own podcast. It seemed to be an interesting medium that could scratch a creative itch for me. It also seemed daunting. Equipment, the set-up and knowledge, the attracting of guests and of the glaring fact that I was genuinely nervous and uncertain of my ability to provide real and meaningful content. Who would listen? Would there be interest, and audience? Do I have the chops? But as I remained clear on what I had originally envisioned, the folks and resources came to my aid.

As I remained and remain faithful to my vision it continues to unfold in many unexpected and exciting ways. I still get butterflies in my stomach. I still feel that I may not have what it takes technically, however, I believe that I am a successful podcaster. In a world where the average podcast lasts just seven episodes before folding up shop, I have been able to be a part of producing and hosting over one hundred.

As we step into the unknown of 2021, I would encourage each one of us who has a goal to take that first step. Trust the process. While keeping our goal in mind, create a plan and be on the lookout for the people and resources who will inevitably come along side of us to make that goal, that vision a reality. Setbacks and failure are inevitable. Naysayers and doubters will be part of the journey. However, these folks are part of the process and actors on the set of our play. They play their necessary part in the testing of our character, to reveal if we are in fact serious.

Remember, we are Born To Ride! Whether you are looking for that new bike, a fresh start on your health or just expand your horizons, stay committed to the vison and remain encouraged. Hold it in your mind’s eye, pay attention to the signposts, and allow 2021 be of epic significance. Trust the process!~

You can hear the latest episode with Born To Ride’s very own Ronnie “The Savage” Galetti now on the Motiv8d Mindset Podcast. Available on Spotify, iTunes, IHeart Radio, Google and your favorite podcast outlets…Tune in, you’ll be glad you did!~

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