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Get off your ass, America!

Published on January 8, 2021 under Blog
Get off your ass, America!

Here we are finally in the new year of 2021. Everyone I’ve seem to run into is hopeful that this year will be way better than the last. But as we all know, the old saying says hindsight is 2020 but we look forward to, and are hopeful for, a new and more optimistic 2021. Unfortunately, it appears that the year designation does not seem to change many of the concerns that we as a people have about the outlook of our country.

Anyone who knows me knows that I try not to speak about politics, or anything of that sort, due to the many views that we as Americans have and are entitled to under our Constitution. Before writing this article, I decided to try to get the outlook of my fellow Americans and listen to their concerns about where we are heading; not only from the area where I live, but out of state as well, to try to get varying outlooks. Unfortunately, what I learned and what I observed, concerns me greatly.

People are concerned about a recap of last year’s happenings with the possibility of businesses being closed and economic opportunity being at risk. This Corona virus is still being used as a segway to push an agenda that we as a people are probably not aware of. Don’t get me wrong, public health is always a public concern, but when it is being utilized to stifle free speech and freedom of assembly, I have a problem with that. When we shut down venues that are utilized by the people to converse and share ideas, that’s a problem. When we shut down religious institutions and interfere with people’s ability to worship whoever and whatever they may want, however they want, that’s a problem.

We have an election that’s results are in conflict, as well as the possibility of underhandedness having been utilized in the counting of votes. People are genuinely concerned about the direction our country is heading in. I would have to say, with those topics alone, it is something to genuinely be concerned about. It’s probably the first time in my existence that I have entered biker bars and heard politics dominate the conversations.

Personally, who you voted for and why is your business and no one else’s. Personally, I don’t care who you voted for as long as you participated in the process. What I do care about is that everything is done within the accordance of our Constitution and the guidelines of our Bill of Rights. When these become threatened, it is something all Americans should be concerned with. It’s a well-known fact that once you lose something, it’s hard to get it back, and sometimes, getting it back is impossible. If there was impropriety in our election process, by all means it should be reviewed without question. The freedom of assembly is threatened in order to stop the flow of information between Americans, that’s a problem. If your ability to provide for your family and loved ones is threatened, that’s a problem.

I’ve spoken about this topic many times and it is always still a major concern for me. Our Constitution is not just words on paper, it is a living document. It is how this country was built by men of honor and foresight. That living document is more important now than ever before. As Americans, it is our responsibility to preserve our country for future generations.

I can go on and on about this topic but space is limited. So the question I’m sure all of you were going to ask is, “Nefarious, how do we fix it?” Well, of course, that’s not the easiest thing to come up with and a direct answer has eluded many. My advice is this. Read our Constitution and read our Bill of Rights. Don’t let it be destroyed or tampered with. So many have died for what it represents. So many wish they had the opportunities we have as a people and as a nation. We the people have every right to flush the tyranny from our government. Bikers have never been sheep. If that’s what you want to be, that’s your decision. Just remember, sheep get sheered and are fed on by wolves. I’m no sheep. You shouldn’t be either. Get off your ass, America.

Think about that, while you still have the freedom to do so.

—Nefarious James


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