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200 Issues! Think Motorcycles – Letter from the Editor Dave Nichols

Published on January 8, 2021 under Blog
200 Issues! Think Motorcycles – Letter from the Editor Dave Nichols

Born To Ride Motorcycle Media is proud to bring you our 200th issue of the best biker magazine in the known Metaverse! That’s right, Born To Ride has been around for over 25 years and 200 incredible issues have brought motorcyclists the world over, the very best of what the two-wheeled world offers. To spotlight this 200th issue and to kick start 2021, Born To Ride brings you an all-new campaign to get people everywhere inspired and passionate about motorcycles. This new campaign is called Think Motorcycles and it gets your motor runnin’ with three exciting tiers of participation:

#1 – THINK MOTORCYCLES when you are out there driving your car. We want drivers to be aware of our presence as motorcyclists on the roads of America. Take the time to be aware of your two-wheeled brothers and sisters out there. We’ve all heard of drivers who had an accident with a biker say, “I didn’t see the motorcycle.” All we are asking is that drivers everywhere Think Motorcycles and see and hear us on the roads we share.

#2 – THINK MOTORCYCLES when you are riding your bike. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. I always tell new riders to pretend that everything out there on the road is trying to get you, whether it is drivers in cages, truckers, people on cell phones who are not paying attention, or a stray dog, deer or moose. Be aware and keep alert! Think like a motorcyclist when you are on the roads. It also means to maintain your bike, check your tire pressure, check your turn signals and horn. Make sure your ride is in tip-top shape before you throw a leg over the saddle.

#3 – THINK MOTORCYCLES all the time. There has never been a better time to join the biker family. Motorcycles are economical, better for the environment, and are the most fun you can have when getting from one place to the next. If you have always thought about getting a bike, make this your year to visit your local motorcycle dealerships and get inspired to ride. In a time of Covid lockdowns, nothing will make you feel more free than a ride on your rumblin’ freedom machine. Join millions of like-minded brothers and sisters. Become part of the Born To Ride family. There are great deals out there on new and used motorcycles. Buy a bike, take a Rider Safety Course, and join us on the road!

Now that we’re all thinking motorcycles, this January 200th issue of Born To Ride brings you more about a true bike legend, Indian Larry. Larry was thinking motorcycles all the time! We’ll also catch up with Nefarious James, a true brother of the road who has a message for all Americans, and get a tantalizing tech tip for wrenchin’ expert John Sullivan. Come with us to visit Shannon Davidson at the Chopp Shop in Taylorsville, North Carolina where you’ll feast your eyes on his latest killer custom Road Glide for Metalsport Wheels. Then Spyke and Mike bring you some new year’s resolutions to put a big smile on your cheesy mug and our awesome Reader’s Ride features mouth-waterin’ Megan Rodgers on her sexy Sportster chop job, shot by Brad Patton.

All this and more is just a page turn or a click away in the first issue of Born To Ride for 2021 and it is our issue 200! Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and become part of the Born To Ride Facebook Group. If you love motorcycles, it’s the place to be!
For this 200th issue, we want to remind you all to Think Motorcycles! Now let’s get out there and ride!

— Dave Nichols

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