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Be The Change – Nefarious James

Published on December 18, 2020 under Blog
Be The Change – Nefarious James

I sit here writing this article from a back porch of a friend’s home in the country, my scooter parked in the driveway ready to go, watching a beautiful woman taking a shower while her Doberman growls in my ear. What a life. It’s finally come down to the end of the year with the start of a new year right around the corner and I have to say it’s about damn time.
I reflect back on 2020 with vision of 30/30 and I have to say it’s been quite the eye-opener. We all go through tough spots in our lives, and hopefully, if we’re smart enough about it and recognize it for what it is, we can learn from it. I know with everything that’s gone on with my life this year, it has opened up my eyes in many ways.

There are many out there who struggle with loss, addiction, illness, disabilities, mental disorders, and sometimes worse off, loneliness. All of which are very real struggles. Resetting one’s mind to a proper thought process may be the answer. Maybe a change of environment, change of the people you hang around with, change of a job, I don’t know I’m not a doctor.

What I do know is it’s the little moments in life that can make all the difference in the world. Even in our toughest moments, there is always someone going through something worse than we are. I know, hard to believe but it’s true.

So I guess with all this preaching I’ve just gone through, I might as well add a few more things. All those out there who are going through the harshest things that life’s got to throw at us may just need a single show of kindness from a fellow human. That kindness we receive in our darkest hour even from a complete stranger can mean the absolute world to them. It could even save their life.

We go on benefit rides, memorial rides, celebration of life rides and those are all very noble causes. But sometimes, the biggest difference we can make in a person’s life could be as simple as a conversation, a handshake or just listening to them. A simple show of kindness.
We to remember as a lifestyle that we need to celebrate life itself while we are still living and not only after we pass. Gather together and spend time with one another, build those memories and share the love that is the biker lifestyle. Don’t just get together after a loss but before. Don’t just use the words, do the deeds.

As they say, be the change that you want to see in this world and live by it. It takes a weak person to beat down and insult someone who is already going through a hardship in their life. It takes a stronger person to help them with a hand up and not a hand out. That’s what we preached for decades and somehow it has been tossed to the side of the road for vanity, status, fashion, or popularity.

Live your life on your own terms. Everything you do affects everyone around you. Remember that.
—Nefarious James

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