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Glam Fairy

Published on October 29, 2020 under Born To Ride
Glam Fairy

There are few Choppers in the Industry that are immediately recognizable and have achieved almost a cult following. That one custom build that draws a crowd at every event and keeps people talking for days, or even weeks after seeing it. One such legendary build is located deep in the heart of Lakeland, Florida. Meet the ‘Glam Fairy’, built by Eric Allard of FNA Custom Cycles and Josh Brennan of Fat American Choppers.

The origin of the ‘Glam Fairy’ goes all the way back to 2010 when Josh Kurpius posted a video called ‘Japan Does it Right’ on a blog called The Kemosabe and the Lodge. The video featured a collection of extreme Japanese Chopper Builders and riders. One of those bikes, a pink chopper built by Yellow Motorcycle grabbed Eric’s attention. After showing the video to his buddy Josh Brennan, they were inspired to take on their own new, wildly creative build.

The idea all along was to build something that looked completely unrideable, but in reality, has good geometry and handles well. The build is based around a 1965 Harley Davidson Ironhead power plant, but just like every detail on the bike, it’s far from a ‘stock’ motor If you look closely, you’ll notice that the motor consist of two front heads, with the rear one turned around 180 degrees to get a clean intake area to run a clean dual carb set-up. The dual carb set up, which are as equally unique as the heads, are ‘ICT34’ Weber downdraft carbs and.can be found in any Volkswagen aftermarket parts catalog. The bike’s unique paint was beautifully laid out by Travis Antonio. With an impressive profile, the chopper almost disappears when seen from the front or back. As you see the exhaust is fitted within the frame, you’ll notice more painstaking details were taken to keep the bike compact and narrow. Throw in a rear tail light made from a vintage french-fry cutter and a kick pedal with a unicorn engraved into it and you have yourself a bike that truly sets itself apart from all others.

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