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From The Helm – The Evolution of Born To Ride

Published on September 3, 2020 under Blog
From The Helm – The Evolution of Born To Ride

Over 25 years ago Ron and Deb Galletti decided to spread their passion for motorcycles to the world by creating Born To Ride magazine in their home of Tampa, Florida. With his background in shooting and directing video entertainment, Ron also created Born To Ride TV, the longest running biker TV show in the world.

Since 1995, Ron and Deb have interviewed literally everyone in the motorcycle industry, from bike builders and fabricators, to the movers and shakers of the aftermarket world. Born To Ride TV appears every Sunday night at 11 p.m. on Great 38 television, serving the west coast and central Florida. Their Born To Ride Media empire has grown from a local paper magazine, to include separate versions of the print and digital magazines that cover the entire southeastern states. Today the company continues to evolve and expand into other regions and utilizes the latest technology to bring the biker lifestyle to the world. This expansion includes National advertisers as the company reaches a much bigger audience.

In 2020, Born To Ride Media is a multi-faceted enterprise that has taken social media by storm to include paper and digital magazines in new markets, a live streaming Internet radio show every Tuesday and Thursday night (live on Boss Hogg radio), and motorcycle video material that is available to over three million viewers on YouTube, Facebook and Choppertown. The Born To Ride juggernaut also includes motorcycle events such as Chopporama (details to come). We’re also working on a concept that is gonna blow your mind that combines live music, great food and drink, gorgeous beer tub girls and the world’s first quick change oil change for motorcycles, all under one roof. Think of it as the ultimate biker hangout. Stay tuned.

As the company has evolved along with technology, the time has come to take the concept of Born To Ride TV to the world. In 2021 the company will switch from the local Born To Ride weekly TV show (seen on Great 38) and showcase the biker culture on Born To Ride Live. This dynamic Internet video extravaganza will replace the local TV show with incredible interviews with industry leaders, motorcycle runs and rallies, killer bike features, true biker legends, farout biker history and much more, all seen every week on an ever-expanding network of Internet social media platforms. As the technology continues to improve and evolve, so will Born To Ride Media. Ron and Deb’s original dream of creating a worldwide motorcycle media brand is a reality. Their dream has come true.

To show you what we mean, turn the page and you’ll discover a mind-melting article on the legendary Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas, Part One of our series on Biker History that tells you how the biker lifestyle got started, a tire-shreaddin’ bike feature on Kyle Rice’s radical road warrior pavement pounder, a tech tip that will add horsepower to your Milwaukee-Eight and Stan Tomes’ sweet Shovelhead reader’s ride. Speaking of, if you’d like to see your scooter right here in these pages, just email pictures of you and your bike (300dpi) to along with your email and phone number. Who knows, your bike might just end up right here in Born To Ride!

All this and more is burnin’ rubber your way in this sizzlin’ August issue. But remember, Born To Ride is all about YOU, the rider. Like us, you’ve got motorcycle oil flowing in your veins and nothing gets you off like twistin’ the grip into the next curve. We hear ya, brothers and sisters. Join us for the ride of a lifetime.
—Dave Nichols