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Published on August 3, 2020 under Blog

The Road Ahead

Howdy brothers and sisters! This is the first issue of Born To Ride magazine that kickstarts with our look at where we are and where things are going in this crazy two wheeled world we all love. Some call this an editorial, we call it From The Helm; it’s a look from the captain’s cabin.

I’m Dave Nichols and I’m new to the Born To Ride family. I was the editor of Easyriders magazine for nearly 25 years. I was also the editorial director of 13 various motorcycle, hot rod and tattoo magazines. In that time, I had the honor of writing hundreds of bike features, was the bike judge at all the Easyriders Bike Shows and the on-camera host of V-Twin TV on SPEED Channel. Now Ron and Deb Galletti have brought me on board the good ship BTR to set sail on a whole new cruise. Where are we going? Well, let’s take a look.

As we all dig our way out of the quagmire of the worldwide lockdown known as “Quarantine”, every rider worth his or her salt wants nothing more than to swing a leg over a trusty scooter and ride the stink of virus and mind-melting media mangling off of our bodies and brains. Who wants to go to Sturgis? I know I do! Born To Ride plans on helping you enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle in every way and as never before.

You all know Born To Ride, the motorcycle culture magazine that has been twistin’ the grip for over 25 years, heck, you’re holding one in your hands right now or reading these words from our online digital version. But Born To Ride is way more than that. Born To Ride TV has been assaulting the airwaves for just as long, bringing the world of motorcycles into your living-room with enlightening interviews with biker legends and taking you to runs and rallies to check out all the action. Born To Ride Radio live on Facebook is another great way to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the two wheeled world.

Looking down the road ahead, we’ve got a lot planned for you. The Born To Ride juggernaut is just getting started. We’ll be expanding the BTR universe in every way possible starting with some exciting new features right here in the magazine. Do you think you’ve got the best bike on the planet? Then we want to see it! Each month we’ll feature a Reader’s Ride and yours could be next. Just email a few photos (300dpi) of you and your bike along with all your contact information to: If we choose your motorcycle, I will call you up personally to get all the facts and write your Reader’s Ride myself.

You’ll also notice that we’ll be adding pages, adding motorcycle event coverage and custom bike coverage, maybe even throw in a few laughs to keep a smile on your face. We’ll also be interviewing the amazing men and women who keep this industry and culture red hot in a feature we’ll call Biker Legends.

There is a whole lot more coming but I’d rather let you discover these new features on your own by stickin’ yer mug between these here pages in the months to come. In the meantime, get your ass out there on the road. We want to hear your straight pipes roar. There has never been a better time to be on two wheels.

Happy Summer!

—Dave Nichols

p.s. – If you have a business in the motorcycle industry or if you serve bikers, Born To Ride wants to be your media marketing influencer. We can help you reach America’s riding community. Call (888-795-5779) to find out more.