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The Green Swamp Preserve – Born To Ride Finz Rides

Published on June 24, 2020 under Blog
The Green Swamp Preserve – Born To Ride Finz Rides

For some reason every time I hear the Talking Heads song Road to Nowhere I think of riding a motorcycle, jumping on the scoot with the intention exploring new roads or scenery. Here’s a suggestion for an exploration ride, the Green Swamp Preserve. The Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve is located in the fourcorner area of Lake, Pasco, Polk, and Sumter counties. How you get there is up to you. What does matter is you realize this is an exploration ride, so don’t be afraid to go left when the directions tell you to go right. Don’t take the following directions too literal—think of them as reference points to your road to nowhere.

1. I-75N exit 266 for 582A (0.5)
2. Left onto CR-579/CR-582A (12.3 mi)
3. Right Chancey Rd (8.9 mi)
4. Right CR-54 (4.4 mi)
5. Right FL-35 S/FL-700 E/US-98 S
(0.2 mi)
6. Quick 1st Right Old Dade City Rd (7.4
7. Left Rockridge Rd (stay left) (13.4 mi)
8. Continue onto Greenpond Rd (4.0 mi)
9. Left FL-33 N (10.1 mi)
10. Left Lake Erie Rd (5.0 mi)
11. Right on CR-565/South Bay Lake Rd
(5.5 mi)
12. Left Sloans Ridge Rd (3.8 mi)
13. Left FL-50 W (1.5 mi)
14. Left CR-773 (0.2 mi)
15. Right CR-772 (3.9 mi)
16. Right at Church (151ft)
17. Left FL-50 W (9.6 mi)
18. Left Burwell Rd (4.3 mi)
19. Continue on CR-575/Trilby Rd (3.6
20. Right Ramsey Rd (1.0 mi)
21. Right CR-578/St Joe Rd (0.8 mi)
22. 1st Left Happy Hill Rd (2.1 mi)
23. Continue onto Prospect Rd (2.2 mi)
24. Left CR-579/Handcart Rd (4.5 mi)
25. Right CR-579/Eiland Blvd (15.3 mi)
26. Turn left to merge onto I-75 S

Total Distance 132 mi Total Time 3 hr 40 min

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