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Here Goes Everybody

Published on June 24, 2020 under Blog
Here Goes Everybody

Here goes everybody. The moment you’ve been waiting for. More sarcastic and raw points of view from your own Nefarious James. Being upfront, not everybody will agree with me. That’s the beauty of American freedom. Don’t expect me to really care about your point of view or if this hurts your feelings. Grab your crying towel or whatever you need to get ready for this because here it comes both barrels.

I am friggin at wits’ end with all this virus shit and stimulus checks that everyone is hoping to receive. Fed up with complacent citizens of this country willing to watch our nation turn to shit and do nothing but wait for a handout. For one, I’ve noticed there are different categories of individuals waiting on these checks.

Those in definite need: These people are genuinely trying to stay above water. They are using the checks they receive to feed their families, pay their mortgages or rent, and struggle to survive. No doubt this whole situation has created a whole group of Americans that are barely hanging on because of not being allowed to return to work.

Those that are saving the check: For backup reasons in case they need it to take care of the above issues. They may not be at a point of desperation where they have to have it because they are currently still able to work, but they don’t want to take any chances.

And of course the real winners here: The ones out there squandering the money on non-essentials. Partying, Drinking, just treating this whole situation like there is no care in the world. You know the ones. Those that will receive a check then go out partying and having a good old time at every other taxpayers’ expense. They don’t care if it runs out. They will sit there with their hand out expecting more of what they consider the “free Government Money”. And after that’s gone this same person will cry how broke they are and set up a go fund me account or some fundraiser for themselves crying how hard they have it instead of genuinely seeking employment. The ones that depend on the fact that it’s easier to get a tan on the palm of their hand than it is to get blisters.

There is a whole new group. The unemployment people that are getting the unemployment compensation they worked for plus the additional $600 for not doing a fucking thing. That’s right. They are getting the benefits they earned and getting a bonus of $600 on top of that just for the hell of it. Again a group within this group feels it’s their right to get this additional money. Now here is the real kicker to all this. Many of these people who are receiving the unemployment benefits are being asked to return to work and they are refusing to do it. ‘Why’ you ask? Because sitting on their ass at home now makes them more money than they would make if they return to work. Before y’all single parents or those with a litter of kids get your panties in a wad, I know you going to say “well I’d have to get a sitter for my kids because they are not in school”, or the business-oriented family stating “I have to pay cobra or come up with the money for my insurance to carry over”. Absolutely right and I get it. So what is the solution you ask? SIMPLE. LET US GO BACK TO WORK AND KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

Life is tough. No shit. We all eventually get sick. Big surprise. We all eventually die. Sad but True. Those of us in Florida or any coastal state have learned over the years that there is always rage before the eye of a storm. Things are rough at first then calm down as the eye passes over. It’s then followed by the passing of the second bands of the storm. This will be no different. And yet we endure. Unfortunately, this whole charade was all in the making for a very long time. I grew up in a time where drinking out of the garden hose and playing outside was a normal thing. I wasn’t bathed in hand sanitizer. Back in my day we didn’t have assholes licking ice cream in stores or spitting on food in grocery stores in some sort of asinine protest. All you are showing people is that you’re too stupid or lazy to write a sign or write a letter to a congressman or women protesting and expressing your dissatisfaction with what is going on. Instead, you post a picture of yourself licking a public toilet? What are you a friggin moron? When you wipe your ass and you get shit on your finger do you cut off your hand or wash it. Come on people it’s a common sense of time. It’s also sad that the biggest social media complaint out there seems to be with people’s discontent with bars being kept closed. They want to yell and scream about that, yet they don’t scream as loud about what’s even more important. Scream about everything being reopened and going back to work. Hey Bartenders and wait staff, Unemployed broke bitches don’t tip. Remember that when you go home with an empty jar.

Bottom line time. Terrorists wear masks, Chinese wear masks, Bank robbers wear masks. AMERICANS DON’T WEAR MASKS! We’ve survived plagues. We’ve survived world wars, we’ve survived 15 seasons of America’s Got Talent. We will survive this. Don’t become a friggin slave. Everything you think you’re given for free actually has a price tag attached to it. Our so-called representatives are attempting to add legislation every day that will strip you of your constitutional rights. Why would you allow that? I’m sure as fuck not going to live that way. Enslaved and waiting for the government to protect me. Tell me what to eat, drink, or put a chip in me. The next thing they will want is your motorcycle and your guns. You just going to give them over? Didn’t think so. You want America to be the next Venezuela? Hope not.

Come on people. The job of our servicemen and women is to protect our interests and freedoms abroad. They make sure we are safe from the evils that want to crush our Democracy and our way of life. Our job here in the United States is no different. Our job is to make sure we the people protect our interests and freedoms here at home so our troops have the country they went abroad to protect is still intact the way they left it. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? For how long? Right now I see a hell of a lot of chicken shit cowards among us. For those who have served once in our military and currently do, you need to remember this very important thing. This includes our law enforcement as well. You took an oath to serve and protect this nation of ours from enemies both foreign and domestic. Not be consumed with shutting down businesses for following an unlawful order. The Constitution gets put aside for NO reason. It’s under siege. Where are you? Seems like it’s time to take roll call. First call:

Nefarious James….. Here!!. Your turn to answer. God Bless America.

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