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What is Going on Here?

Published on May 27, 2020 under Blog
What is Going on Here?

Government takeover? It looks like it to me.

They shut down our economy, then left town. Went home. No more congress in Washington. No more leadership.

But no cut in pay for congress.

Again, like I asked last month, whatever happened to the “real” ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments)? Wake up folks. This is a government takeover. You gotta stay home. They tell us to let them take care of us. How, you ask? How about shutting down our economy. WHAT!?!?

The government tells us that people are dying. Just like they do everyday of the year. But wait a darn minute. Why don’t we just blame Trump? It’s all his fault. Yeah, right.

We can survive. I vote for the bikers of America to take over Washington NOW. Right now. We can do it! We can meet in the halls of congress, wearing masks of course, and get this country going again.

Open it up, I say!

Let’s get back to work. NOW. Wear masks.

Social distancing. Wash your hands. We can survive.

Americans always do. We’re tough! Sure we gotta make some changes inactivity. But that is the keyword. Activity. Work. Play. Live your life. Don’t let the little sissies in Washington that ran home to mommy tell you how to live your life.

Put on your big boy pants.

We have already been through a lot in America. We can cope with difficulty. We can fight disease. We can make changes. We can win this war! Let us get out of the house and prove it!

In less than 2 months our economy has collapsed. Our economic growth, prior to that time, was unsurpassed!

Continue like we are, or get back to work?


That’s it in a nutshell. Now go jump on your bike during the next beautiful, sunny spring afternoon, and clear your head. This is America! We CAN do it!

Ride captain, ride.

We can’t stop the Coronavirus, but we can deal with it. WEAR A MASK. WASH YOUR HANDS. SOCIAL DISTANCING. RIDE YOUR BIKE!!!!

So let’s get back to our roots, A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments. A Brotherhood Against shutting down the American economy.
Let’s do this!

Get outta the house. Go to work. Support your family. Ride your bike. Stay safe.

Until next month, “Go fast, you’ll get there”

Ps. To all the American Bikers Aiming Toward Education, WAKE UP. This isn’t dress rehearsal. This is your life. I hope you GET EDUCATED before it’s too late.

Until next month, “Go Fast…. You’ll Get There”. JP

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