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Heaven Fields Florida Ride Or Die Magazine Rider Profile

Published on May 27, 2020 under Blog
Heaven Fields Florida Ride Or Die Magazine Rider Profile

Born To Ride Women’s World has always been dedicated to women that have a unique and wonderful story to tell in regards to their life on two (or three) wheels! This year, I celebrate 40 years in the wind. I started when it wasn’t cool let alone “normal.” But I persevered and accomplished many good things in promoting women in the exciting world of motorcycling. Born To Ride is dedicating this column to three Ride or Die Women Riders. Each has a one-of-a-kind story to tell in relation to her life in the wind. I’m thrilled to have been able to speak with these women and listen to their stories. Now, you can too! Sit back, and enjoy three stories of inspiring women who just might inspire you to Ride if you don’t already. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there reading this. – Susan Hurst

Heaven is a positive force to be reckoned with. A Floridian by birth, Heaven’s positive outlook on life, riding, and doing for others is a breath of fresh air during these challenging times we are all living in now.

How did she get involved in the wondrous world of motorcycling? “As a kid, I started out on dirt bikes and competing in motor-cross.” Unfortunately, her mom discouraged her from riding dirt bikes after she witnessed an accident where a young motor-cross racer died. “She told me I couldn’t ride anymore after she saw that.” But at the age of 16, Heaven decided it was time to get back on two wheels. “I didn’t want to give up on riding. It was cheaper to ride a motorcycle than driving a car.” She currently rides a Ducati Panigale S 1199, a sportbike that is usually used on the track for racing.

As you have read on the two previous stories of Liz and Elsa, they have been involved with Antonio of Live Free or Die. With Heaven, her involvement hit a little closer to home with Antonio thanks to the world of Cosplay. Cosplay you say? It’s a combination of the words ‘costume play’. It’s a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.

“I met Antonia through Elsa. He and I just started talking about the charity work that we do. We really clicked because I’m into Cosplay and Antonio is into the Spiderman character.” With Cosplay, I have done a few charity events with friends. I have made my own costumes and have also bought a few. I really enjoy playing the Harley Quinn character because I resonate with it. I generally design and make my own costumes. These are costumes you can’t buy at Wal-Mart. I enjoy making a lot of people happy with my charity work. If I can do something to make people happy, then that makes me happy, too! It’s a total win-win for all of us!”

Antonio recruited Elsa and Heaven to be the Admins of the Florida Ride or Die Facebook page. “Antonio wanted us to moderate the various group rides and events on the page. Our page has 21,000 followers. When we are able to do our charity events again, our Facebook page will help people see what we’re up to.”
Heaven is mom to a three-year-old son, named Drew. Like his mom, Drew has a Ducati Panigale – but it’s blue and his mom’s is red. “He loves riding his electric Ducati!”

Last words of advice? “Never let any fear cripple you from any dream you have. More often than not, people won’t ride a motorcycle because they are afraid of getting hurt. Or they get into an accident and it cripples them mentally from later pleasures. Things can happen. But being afraid that something is going to happen is debilitating. You need to get out, live life and ride. Hone your skills. I had a really bad accident and I heard a ton of negative things said to me. When motorcycling is something that I truly love, it’s hard to convey that to someone that doesn’t have that passion or understanding. This is something that I love and truly enjoy. Sometimes you can’t get people to understand it. As long as you aren’t doing things that are stupid and irrational, and you’re wearing proper gear and not doing anything illegal, it’s a great thing! I love being on a bike! I just hate it when fear takes over people from realizing a dream of riding a motorcycle.”

Thank you, Heaven, for sharing your story with the readers of Born To Ride Magazine!
By Susan Hurst

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