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Elsa Rosenberg Florida Ride Or Die Magazine Rider Profile

Published on May 27, 2020 under Blog
Elsa Rosenberg Florida Ride Or Die Magazine Rider Profile

Elsa Rosenberg
Elsa has been a part of the Bay Area sportbike scene since 2001. Originally from India, as a young girl Elsa rode just about anything she could get her hands on – as long as her family didn’t find out! “I started out riding bicycles, mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles. My family didn’t approve of riding motorcycles due to them worrying about me getting hurt.”

Leaving India for something new to do, Elsa landed in Los Angeles. “I wanted a fresh start from India. I wanted to get out and come to the United States. I decided to get more schooling and went to UCLA and recieved my degree.”

Elsa is currently working in the information security compliance arena. Elsa is responsible for the security programs of companies, which includes management, compliance, governance of information security policies, gathering supporting documentation, drafting responses, and submitting compliance documentation. She issues certifications for hospitals.

Today, Elsa rides an SV650. “I had a 250RR bike prior to the 650 and loved that bike. But I love my current bike because it’s completely analog and not digital!”

Elsa is a friend of Antonio Hernandez as well! Elsa met Antonio of Florida Ride or Die at local sportbike events. “I really love what Antonio does for our local children. He goes to the children’s hospitals on his motorcycle, dressing up as Spiderman! The causes he’s into means so much to me.”

Elsa helped start a riding organization called Clutch Queens. “This was an organization that I started years ago. We align ourselves with non-profit organizations that believe in the same things we do. With Antonio, we hit it off because of all the good he does in our community. Together, we were able to raise money for a child’s transplant surgeries. That’s what it’s all about – we like doing the same things for the children in need.”

What is the favorite trip you’ve ever been on? “The best trip would be when I lived in India. A bunch of my friends and I mapped out a route that took us through cities, mountains, off roads, and near temples in India. It took us a couple of weeks to get through the whole thing. It was very memorable. I haven’t really done a road trip yet, but when I do, I’m really looking forward to riding the ‘Tail of the Dragon’ in North Carolina later this year.”

Any thoughts you’d like to share to those reading this story? “It’s very important to have extremely good riding skills and exceptional riding gear when riding. I hope everyone rides safe and stays happy.”

Thank you, Elsa, for spending time with me and sharing your story for Born To Ride Women’s World!

By Susan Hurst

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