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Social distancing has been a biker attitude since two wheels were invented – Spyke & Mike

Published on April 13, 2020 under Blog
Social distancing has been a biker attitude since two wheels were invented – Spyke & Mike

Oh, the trying times we live in my BTR friends. Mike starts babbling, “Spike doesn’t understand the concept of what’s going on and now she’s getting hit between the eyes with humanity poop. The world throws so much at us from the moment we wake up to the instant we pass out. We are constantly facing a thousand ways to die. If it isn’t job issues, family problems, dealing with getting old, riding our motorcycles around the millions of crazy drivers or just the everyday hurdles we have to jump through to stay alive, it’s now SARS-CoV-2. Call it what you want: Coronavirus, COVID 19, Wuhan virus, or the Wu Flu. Just like 9/11, it will change life as we know It. Actually, more like life as we knew It.

For Spyke and I, it actually makes us look back to the times when things were simpler; where do we go for dinner tonight? What event are we attending next weekend? What does the Fat Bird need to keep it on the road? What nuts does Spyke get today? What do I need to do to make my girlfriend happy? All very reasonable questions to ask except when in trying times where there are more important situations that need to be addressed. As for all of you, our biker brothers and sisters that are being safe and hunkering down, I’m sure y’all have deeper questions to ask from within. How ironic these times have become. Now you all get to experience what I felt for the past 9 months of having to distance myself for a totally different reason. But you know what, if everyone had a choice, I bet most of y’all would rather take the lesser of two evils, a broken femur, than what is going on today. The one you’ll heal from, the other can kill you!

It’s the perfect time to start acting like a family again. To do what mom and dad did with us while growing up. Detach from society, play cards or a board game, make something in the garage or kitchen, read a book together, work in the garden, go on a scavenger hunt, start or finish a home improvement project, maybe just plain sit down and talk to each other…If you must be online, learn how to use the internet to your advantage. Go on and be that family man or woman that your parents raised you to be.

If you’re single or not, now is the time to be by yourself. Time to reflect, meditate, anti-socialize and leave this crazy world that revolves around us. When you do need to socially disconnect and get off the property, just stay six feet away. Most of us have been practicing that for years. There’s no better way to do it than to go into the garage, raise that door, put your leg over a mechanical miracle called the motorcycle, and disconnect from the world.

Social distancing has been a biker attitude since two wheels were invented. There’s nothing like being in the wind with not a care in the world except for what’s in front of you, the people you’re riding with, and the next gas stop. When they say to practice social distancing, that’s your hall pass to get out there and ride. There isn’t a virus in the world that’s going to catch you at the speed of wind!.

Riding motorcycles have been proven to reduce the feeling of depression, loneliness, and giving a shit. Whipping your leg over one, firing it up, and pulling the throttle back gives you an instant rush of serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline totally improving your outlook on life. The wind in the face goes right to your head and makes you smile like great sex or winning the lottery,
but it comes with a warning; riding motorcycles can be addictive, reduces time in the workplace or at home, and allows bugs to get between your teeth. It increases friendship while maintaining social distancing with other like-minded individuals. Make sure to check with your doctor to see if riding motorcycles is right for you. I did and he told me to get back on the Fat Bird as soon as I could hold it up. When you do have to stop, make sure to leave your leathers, helmet, and bandana on. If you dare ride unprotected, at least bring a pair of disposable gloves with you. Boy, I never thought I’d say this but, those full-faced brain buckets are looking pretty good right now.”

I step up and cackle, “what about me? Again, you’re acting like I’m just a plain o’le chicken wing. I’ve made it through the swine flu, the bird flu, and now I’ve laid down with my buddy swimming over me, and done my part to protect you from the Corona in a bucket flu. I just don’t want you to leave us pets out of the equation. But I do understand your interest in humanity and the need to ride. I just want you to know that whether feathered, haired, or just plain skinned, us animals live and count on you humans. In return, we give you unconditional love and no threat of spreading the virus.’

Mike babbles, “awww Spyke, for 28 years I’ve never left you out. As a matter of fact, you’ve driven my life more than anybody or anything else has. I always have had the utmost devotion, love, and respect for animals because of you.
With that said, we are going for a ride and do some social distancing until we almost run out of gas. Unfortunately, it will still be on 4 wheels, but at least it will get your wings in the wind, my knuckles out the sunroof, and the trucks’ wheels rolling down the road.” – SPYKE