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Satan’s Sadists – Movie Review

Published on April 14, 2020 under Movie Review
Satan’s Sadists – Movie Review

This month’s horrible old biker film is Satan’s Sadists. I suppose that in 1969, when this film was made, it was somewhat shocking. I could be wrong, but in the ‘B’ movie world, I am considered an expert. So it should suffice to say that due to the nudity, violence, and general disregard for filmmaking etiquette yeah, Satan’s Sadists is still fairly shocking 30 years later.

The story begins as most all biker exploitation pieces do, with a group of bikers riding through the desert. I often ask myself “What the heck does the desert have to do with biker exploitation?” It seems in most of the ‘B’ Bonanzas the desert is the place where it all happens. But again I digress. In the first scenes, the “Satan’s” encounter a young couple getting ready to get it on in the weeds. They help this young man get his girl’s dress off and as usual, they have their way with her and kill them both just before pushing their car over a cliff. Down the road a piece, the Satan’s encounter a gas station with a café in it, and as usual problems ensue. This is where you really get to know the players. Anchor is the de-facto leader of the group, and he is accompanied by Gina, his “Mama.” Gina is a pretty rough looking chick, but she helps out in all the Satan’s criminal activity, and is consistently expressing her (love) for Anchor. “I really dig him man,” it’s just gross. … Anyway, as the group enjoys their coffee, beer and whiskey, Gina begins dancing on the table. This leads to a confrontation with the owner of the café. A fight breaks out and one of the customers (a cop in plain clothes) pulls out a gun, only to be jumped from behind by a member of the gang. Four of the gang members take the cop, his wife, and the owner out back at gunpoint, leaving the other 2 inside with the waitress, and a recently discharged Marine. It seems that one of the Satan’s was burned in the fray, and the waitress was trying to sooth his burn by applying some sort of cream while the ex-marine watched. Meanwhile the others rape the cop’s wife, and then kill the trio leaving them outside. The ex-marine knowing that danger was imminent smashes the burned Satan in the face with a mirror and gives the other one a ‘swirley’ in the toilet, drowning him. (For the uninformed, a swirley is where you stick someone’s head in the toilet, and flush it.) The waitress and the marine escape in her dune buggy, but they soon run out of gas. The remaining gang members chase them through the desert. Some of the machines don’t fare too well in the off-road arena, and the group begins to get tired. Even though the waitress and the marine are on foot, they manage to avoid capture for a while. The Satan’s spot a truck – camper in the desert, and decide to go check it out. They leave 2 members behind to watch the broken bikes. Wow! It was occupied by 3 girls who are collecting rock samples. … Geez. Anyhow, Anchor and his gang befriend the girls and eat their chow. Gina is getting scared and begging Anchor to split before they are caught by the authorities. Anchor disses her and continues to play with his new friends. Anchor directs two of the gang to go search for the waitress and the marine. One of them actually encounters them, but he is killed by a rattler that the marine throws on him with a stick. In the meantime, darkness sets in and Gina steals one of the bikes, rides off into the dark and crashes into a ravine killing her. Anchor and the other two are enjoying some wild psychedelic sex with the three campers, as the other biker returns. He’s mad because Anchor has killed all three of the women, and a fight ensues between the two. In the same time frame, the other member kills himself playing Russian roulette. Only two survive at this time Anchor, and Firewater. Anchor is unconscious, and Firewater gets on his bike and takes off looking for the witnesses. He encounters them and once again there is a fight, which leaves Firewater crushed under some falling rocks. At this point you would assume that the waitress and the marine had survived, but here comes Anchor on the last remaining motorcycle. The marine armed with a knife and Anchor armed with a gun have a little chat, and then one throws the knife as the other shoots. The wounded marine leaves Anchor in the desert with a knife in his neck as he and the waitress ride off on Anchor’s bike.

This is another one of the “rated R for ridiculous” biker films. It runs 90 minutes and is available on DVD. Believe it or not, I kinda secretly enjoyed this thing. The intro claimed that it was made in 10 days straight, and of course, there was little or no budget available. It was somewhat predictable at times, but laughable as well. Nice touch of boobies here and there!

Anchor was played by Russ Tamblyn. Tamblyn’s career is many miles long appearing in television, films and Broadway. You may remember him in “West Side Story” or my favorite “The Attack of the 60 foot Centerfold”. I’ll give this one 3 out of 5 stars.

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