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JP, Has everyone gone nuts?

Published on April 13, 2020 under Blog
JP, Has everyone gone nuts?

I know there is a “new” virus running around the world. And I know that it’s in the United States. But c’mon now people, we’ve already been through a lot, and we’re healthy, and we’re gonna make it through this one. Motorcycle events are canceled, or postponed. Same thing with auto shows, sporting events, schools, restaurants, government offices, even jobs… name it.

But I am still hoping that the government doesn’t decide to shut down the internet “for our safety”. Y’all know what I’m talking about. A possibility of catching the Coronavirus thru osmosis, or something equally stupid. “Stay away from your computer while you are being quarantined at home. It’s for your own good.”Whatever happened to A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactment? We could use some now! But that’s another story. Maybe later. I already decided that I’m NOT gonna talk about the Coronavirus. Everyone else already talks about that.

So let’s go on a positive note. I’m here to tell you that “Shamrocks and Cycles” presented the “Fabulous LUCK O’ THE IRISH Casino Party” at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta on Saturday, March 14… just ahead of the traditional St. Patrick’s Day holiday on Tues., March 17. What a party it was! I hope you were there. The event included live music from the Bucky Lasterds (what a great sounding group!), All sorts of vendors, food, Green Beer (imagine that), and a Casino set-up inside the showroom. I know Harley of Atlanta always throws the best St. Patrick’s day party every year, but as far as I know, the Casino was a first!

Back outside for some of the contests, that included: Best of the Best Beard (y’all can’t get any better than that), Who’s the Greenest of Them All, Best Legs In A Kilt (answer: the MC), Reddest Of All The Red Hair and the Pot Of Gold Relay….that’s just to name a few. Being family-friendly, of course Harley included a “Kid’s Zone”. And there were lots of kids at the party. And dogs. Maybe next year they’ll include a “Dog’s Zone”. Jus’ sayin’. Needless to say, there was a full day of St. Patty’s Day shenanigans!

Back inside to check out all the new Harley models in the showroom. WOW! How come all the new bikes always look sooooo good? On display for the kids were the new IRONE12 and IRONE16 electric “balance” bike. These bikes are for kids ranging from 3-7 years old. Whatta deal. “Back when I was a kid _____,”… I’ll just let you fill in the blank. Kids these days I was prepared to be telling you about Killer Creek Harley-Davidson’s Annual St. Patty’s Day party, but it was canceled “because of inclement weather”, according to the email that I received from them. I guess that’s alright. I probably wouldn’t have gone in the rain anyway. At least it wasn’t canceled because of the stupid virus.

This just in from the AMA concerning the Coronavirus:
• Avoid crowded spaces: Ride motorcycles. • Do not use public transportation: Ride motorcycles.
• Well-ventilated spaces are virus-free: Ride motorcycles.
• Wear gloves: Ride motorcycles.
• Keep at least six feet from other people: Ride motorcycles.
• Keep a positive attitude: Ride motorcycles!


Until next month,

“Go Fast… You’ll Get There”. JP

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