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The Art of James Silk

Published on March 11, 2020 under Blog
The Art of James Silk

Hello, Born To Ride readers, My name is James Silk. I’m a self-taught artist and drew a lot of choppers when I was very young. Motorcycles have always fascinated me, but I’ve never owned a Harley or a large bike.

My father retired from the NYPD. He rode a 1947 Indian Motorcycle with the sidecar for many years while working on the force. I get inspiration from the older bikes, riders and beautiful women. Hopefully, that shows in some of these pieces I drew here. My work has been published in Penthouse magazine other publications and now Born To Ride which I’m really excited about! I’m hoping I will get more inspiration from you guys and keep contributing to this great magazine. I hope you enjoy my art and maybe I’ll see you at a few rallies. Cheers!

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