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“So Here’s The Deal” Big Bone 1%er

Published on March 11, 2020 under Blog
“So Here’s The Deal” Big Bone 1%er

So it’s safe to assume that anyone reading this is probably just as biased as I am when it comes to this motorcycle stuff? We like the look of the bikes. We like the loud noise that they make. Hell, some of us even like the smell of the damned exhaust.

There are also a ton of different bikes and there are many different types of people who ride motorcycles. I mean some folks are the so-called weekend warriors that take the bike out of the garage every once in a while. Then you got those folks who go through withdrawals as if they were trying to kick heroin if they go too long without riding. You have your club members like the HOG riders and other riding clubs. Then needless to say you have those hardcore tattooed serious-looking biker types who remind you of every episode of Sons of Anarchy that you may have ever seen. Ever wonder about those folks? Well, me neither, but since I am basically a walking-talking biker historian encyclopedia I’m going to tell you all about it. Now, just so we are clear an ENCYCLOPEDIA is a book that you can read that tells you all kinds of different stuff on lots of different subjects. A book IS THIS THING WITH PAPER in it that people have words on it that you can read, this came out before Google. Google is something that kids used to cheat on a test with but let’s not get off the subject here. …

So here’s the deal. About 5,000 years ago the coolest people at the time, mostly African warriors; used to ride around on chariots pulled by horses. We’re talkin’ about a nice chassis, two wheels, great rims and some horsepower with some great weaponry thrown in just to make sure you could get the job done. This chariot stuff went on for about 4,000 more years until some of these African archers and nomadic Asian warriors started mounting their steeds and riding horseback. This horseback riding trend spread throughout the world and became rather commonplace all the way to the early 1900s. By the time WWI got started the horses were freaking over it! The horses all went on strike and quit. So America was forced to invent the Harley-Davidson for its military. Our American servicemen started digging the two-wheel therapy and never looked back.

Following WWI, we had Americans fighting in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and most recently the ongoing conflicts throughout the Middle East. The thing about war is that many people come back broken, damaged, and find it difficult to find a place to fit in. Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen returning to the United States found that they missed the camaraderie of their fellow servicemen. Many of these servicemen developed an appreciation for the motorcycles that they often used or saw in use during their time in the service, so forming the first motorcycle clubs was a rather natural progression.

All of these wars produce thousands of broken men who didn’t exactly fit anymore. These Misfits somehow found each other and bonded over the love and excitement of motorcycles. These Misfits found other like-minded individuals and created the first motorcycle clubs where more of the same could find a home too.

I am Big Bone 1%er. I am a Marine. I am a biker, a 1%er, an outcast, a misfit, a father, brother and now I am a contributor to Born To Ride TV/Magazine and Radio who has found a place to fit in. Mine is just one of the many stories of how this particular Biker came to be. So I’ll be sharing my two-cents worth every now and again.

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