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A Distracted Driver – Spyke & Mike

Published on March 20, 2020 under Blog
A Distracted Driver – Spyke & Mike

Hey there, my avid BTR readers, Mike and I have officially become a statistic. Most of our closest friends already heard the news about Mike being run off the road by a distracted driver. For those that haven’t, I’ll give you a brief description of what I saw.

I was riding in my usual spot; behind the windshield. We were going down the Pinellas Bayway when a white vehicle came into our lane and Mike tried to avoid them. He went into a median turn area but could not slow down fast enough. He rode over the curb and ended up plowing a small tree. As he laid there moaning, I decided to find the next largest tree and climb it. I waited for someone to come but nobody stopped. Then finally, the ambulance showed up and took Mike away. Know Tow Towing arrived and proceeded to take the Fat Bird 2 away. I was atop a neighboring tree and squawking loudly but, obviously, they couldn’t hear me.

Reann, Mike’s girlfriend, came back later that evening and I could hear her calling out for me, but she was in the wrong area and didn’t hear me squawking back.

I ended up staying in the palm tree overnight. I felt safe there because I was tucked in behind some branches and far enough up off the ground that no predators could get to me.

Being close to the Gulf of Mexico, I was worried about ospreys and eagles. They look at me as if I’m a delicacy. But I figured I could hold my own if needed, while hidden in the palms.

It was a long quiet night with only a few cars going by and no other noises around me. The next day, a couple of Mike’s really close friends, Darrell and Shareen Stollings, set up a search party and they came out. I was squawking very loudly this time and one of them heard me.

Mike’s friend, Kris Chandler from Pasco County, was with Michele Sutak when they spotted me. He went to his truck, got a ladder out, climbed the tree, and I went right to his hand I was a little scared at the time. Michele picked me up and I bit her slightly, not recognizing who she was. Then Scuba Steve took me from her. I’ve ridden with him before and have known him for many years. I gave him a hello squawk/pinch and tasted him. It was then I figured it out and knew all was good. I was going home!

They took me to Don & Lori’s place. Another couple who I’ve known for years. Mike and I recently worked a benefit for 50 legs, at Screwie Louie’s Scooter Haven, who helped him receive a prosthesis after his Daytona incident.

Reann drove Mike from the hospital to their house. Lori brought me out to the car, and we were reunited. Boy was I happy! Funny thing though, the ladies seemed happier than me. I guess that just goes to show how great animal lovers are. Also, I’ll always have more friends than you, Mike. Sorry dude, but I’m prettier!

Mike breaks in, “Well my little buddy, that’s just what biker friends do, and you happen to have more than most. They have the biggest hearts and give all they can. But they take nothing in return and almost always get a bad rap. One day that will change and hopefully, we can blame it on you, Spyke. Another good example is our brother from another mother; Everywhere Eddie. Like us, and even more sometimes, he’s out there making people smile, taking lots of pictures, and just being a great ambassador for BTR and the riding community.

On the first and second Tuesday in July, we will be joining him for his radio broadcasting event that he does from River’s Edge Bar and Grill. They have Taco Tuesday going on and the radio show runs from 7 to 10. Everyone will get to hear how you squawk on air and see it live on Facebook. At that time, you avid readers can call in and ask Spyke any question you’ve got. When Ron, Debbie, and the whole BTR crew got wind of the news, they were all over us like flies on poop. They wanted to make sure everything was taken care of, you were okay, and your talons could still peck out a story. He’s even going to make the fourth Wednesday in July at Quaker Steak & Lube bike night, Mike & Spyke night. That will be the time for anybody who wants to share a story, a laugh, donate, or just give you a ride around the parking lot and earn a Friends of Spike patch.”

I cackle, ‘That will be really cool. I’ll probably be riding before you will! BTR has been family for over 16 years and I’ve never missed a beat, scratching out an article for the avid readers every month. No thanks to some distracted driver, I get to peck a different kind of story. At least we’re still around and able to do it!’

Mike babbles, “Speaking of being around, I’ve got to get to the doctors, and you’ve got to finish your article. Later, Reann will take you in the truck where you like to hang your head out the window, like a dog. She will get my knees in the A/C, your beak in the wind, and it’s four wheels rolling down the road. NOT being a distracted caged driver.”