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Showers in Season – Born To Ride Kids

Published on February 13, 2020 under Blog
Showers in Season – Born To Ride Kids

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Living in Central Florida, we are prone to have seasons of showers. Before we mount up on our bikes for a ride, we will often check our weather map on our cell phones. That map, along with a good old fashion glance at the skies, can help us to plan our ride to avoid any potential rain.

We can study the clouds or the overcast haze, and we can see which way the weather is blowing. That attention to the atmosphere can often give us good guidance. The only challenge with that technique is that we can only see a limited distance, especially if it is an overcast day. That is where the radar map comes in so handy, as it can read the skies and report on how thick the moisture is, as well as how far the bad weather is located and where clear weather is ahead!

The other drawback is when we misread the tools and find ourselves in the midst of a storm. If it is a heavy downpour, along with thunder and lightning, it can be a very uncomfortable ride, not to mention possibly unsafe. In these situations, we tend to become concerned, as well as becoming extra cautious in the travel. This type of riding is often heavily disliked, and even feared! But all the news is not bad; there is hope in the showers!

If you find yourself in a mild shower you will likely be able to ride out of the storm. One benefit of living in Florida is that once you clear the storm it usually only takes a few minutes to dry out and to feel cool and refreshed. As the wind blows through your damp clothing it almost acts like an air-conditioner. I’ve actually ridden out of a summer storm soaking wet, and the wind made me so cool it made my teeth chatter. If you find yourself in such a place you will likely get a big smile on your face. Just like rain showers nourish flowers and trees which in turn bloom with beauty for all to enjoy, so do the showers bring joy and beauty to our lives.

In the Bible, we read, “I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing” Ezekiel 34:26. As we prepare for a ride on our bike by checking the sky and our radar maps, so should we prepare for our ride through life. In place of a weather map, one tool for life could be a Bible, which contains God’s Word and wisdom. When we are facing the storms of life, God will pour His showers of blessings upon us. Just like a rider cools off when coming out of a summer shower, His Word can pour showers of blessings onto our lives. Best of all, He knows just when we need showers in our lives, to encourage and to bless us.

In the Wind,

Denny Dingler